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RESIDENTIAL Interior Design

Home is where your heart is. Hence, everybody wants a home that is comfortable and luxurious as per one’s own taste and has a distinct ‘homely’ feeling to it, which leads to the importance of interior designing & interior designers especially in home interior designing. Greentech Interiors, the best interior designers in Kochi, has been creating and designing residential spaces of all kinds since past 20 years. With a flair for understanding the space constraints and requirements, armed with a hardworking team of highly qualified interior designers, a plethora of successfully completed projects and a hard earned reputation that speaks for itself, Gradually Greentech Interiors confirms the position as the leading interior designers in Kochi, Kerala.

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COMMERCIAL Interior Design

Here is a distinct something in the décor and designing of an office that speaks of the kind of work going on there. Speaking of the individuals that are at work inside the walls of the office, it also speaks of the mind that has designed it, thought about it and created it for usage. Greentech Interiors is the best interior designers in Kerala that makes the finest, highly ergonomic and classy interior designing of work spaces such as offices, bay areas, receptions, cubicles, cabins and meeting areas, presentation auditoriums, and every other thing one can associate with the same. Having an experience of more than 20 years in the interior designing industry, we have seen hundreds of trends in commercial interior designing. Today we are well equipped with advanced technolgies in interior designing.

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OFFICE Interior Design

Gone are the days when interior of most of the offices used to be boring places with whitewashed walls and standard furniture that used to be uncomfortable mostly. With the advent of corporate culture and rise in the startups, co-working spaces, MNCs in action and Outsourcing Holdings, the picture is totally changed. The offices are still serious and people still work, but the furnishings are better and every single component is ergonomic and designed to provide comfort. Naturally importance of interior designing and interior designers in office interior designing become an inevitable factor. In this modern age, there is another entity that is way ahead of all the available options especially for office interior designs – Greentech Interiors, the top interior designers in Kochi and Kerala.


  • Build & Install
  • Design & Create
  • Idea & Concept
  • Meet & Agree

GREENTECH INTERIORS – the best interior designers in Kerala, Greentech interiors are one among few pioneer interior designers in kochi operating parallelly both in construction and interior designing industry. One of the specialties of Greentech interiors is the ability to zinc the interior designing ideas and concepts accordance with architecture designs as well as with clients imaginations.Greentech interiors deliver spaces that help people as well businesses to grow, thrive and magnify. Having a calibre that is sharpened by an experience of over 20 years we build and install spaces of all kinds and flavors and have grown as one of the most competitive, creative, unique and updated interior designing and construction businesses that become better with every passing second. With a team of professionals that believe in nothing but the best, Greentech Interiors boasts of being capable of designing and creating everything a human brain can conceive.

Having established our name as one of the most distinguished interior and design service, the spaces crafted by us are singular in their own way. We design commercial properties, residential properties, hospitalities, office, entertainment centres and gym etc of all types and magnitudes. We are capable of translating every single idea and every single whim of our clients in the best possible manner to deliver a space that is a prized possession for us as well as them.

We at Greentech don’t believe in making what WE think is good. For us, our clients have the highest priority and their wishes are what we translate into physical, tangible and breathing spaces. We don’t build buildings and decorate them. We bring ideas and concepts to life and thus deliver a dream world for our clients to live in. We bring the best of everything your budget and choices can fathom and have a habit of leaving nothing but smiles etched over the faces of our clients.

At Greentech Interiors, we believe that interaction and conversation are very crucial for any task to be accomplished. Hence, we place a great value in the regular meetings with our clients to discuss the work progress, designs, colours, materials, and every small thing that can make a difference in the project. Regular meetings and discussions bring out the best of us and in turn the best spaces.


The Best Interior Designers In Kochi - Greentech Interiors

Greentech Interiors is one of the most reliable interior designers in Kochi as well as Kerala. Greentech interiors made their first step in interior designing industry more than two decades ago as a group of architects, interior designers and building enthusiasts that wanted to mould the spaces in a unique and modern way. Greentech interiors also known to be one of the most reputed and trusted interior designers all over Kerala due to quality and successful timely delivery of projects which help them to gain competitive edge over other interior designers in Kochi as well as Kerala…Read more

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