Top 5 Budget Friendly Contemporary Design Ideas

Buying a house does not mean that your job is done. It takes a lot of effort and careful planning to make a home look like a home. A home is basically the presentation of your individual perceptions to the rest of humankind thus, it should be decorated and styled according to your taste and choice.

In case you’re wanting to level up the look and feel of your home, you will find yourself caught in a variety of thoughts. From doing some new paintwork, adding some surrounding lighting to changing or adopting new furniture patterns and vintage styles, you will have a wide range of alternatives to choose from. Whether you’re planning a simple makeover or a complete renovation, going for decor options that you can comfortably afford without sacrificing style is the way to go.

We always want our homes to resemble to the top of the line expert decorated houses, yet regularly come up short on the resources or the budget to accomplish it. Living in a space that looks extravagant and is easy on the monetary allowance does not need to be distant.

Contemporary designs refer to the use of decor which is preferred by all living in an era often referred to as of the moment decorative style. The top 5 budget friendly ways are mentioned below:

  1. The toughest choice whenever you think of designing can be what colour is to be used to paint a space. Selecting either a fresh white or high shade paint in an unbiased tone will grant an appearance of complexity and luxuriousness to the room. Use of monochrome colour pattern is also considered fashionable nowadays not only by the fashion industry but also by the interior designers who decorate your house.
  2. Another simple method that truly adds that lux completion to a house is to paint doors on the inside of the house in a dark or black shade. It will right away give the space a costly vibe; simply make sure to attach similar ways to whatever remains in the area where doors are painted in a dark colour so as to complete the look. In case you’re searching for a straightforward yet financially easy approach to make your family room all the more relaxing, you should include some lighter shade of paint so that the ambience created is comfy and fresh. Interior designers can help you out to find the best shade of paint that will complement your house structure and furniture.
  3. After selecting the colour for your window panes as well as for the house on a whole, you will then shift to the curtains to drape over those windows to get a picture perfect look. The choices for window curtains are many in number and are available at various prices. It is ideal to spend tolerably on the best quality you can bear. Keep away from light shades and the ones that are without any lines over them as these are two indications of low quality. When you have selected your drapes, balance them as near the roof as you can to draw your eye up and check how it looks considering the room in totality.
  4. Plants can always become an accessory to make your house look decorative as well as up to date. Begin with lighter plants and blossoms which you can get without exhausting your time and resources next time whenever you are out getting groceries for home. This will help keep your living space breezy. Try placing flowers like orchids next to some heavy furniture that you have in your living room or a foot stool nearby some book racks. Part of your kitchen area or rooftop (if you have one) can be converted into a small kitchen. There are varieties of colourful flower pots available in the market nowadays in all shapes and sizes which can be picked up and used for planting regular day essential food items. Apart from providing a stylish look to our home, plants will give you the fresh green feel which has become essential in an era of polluted air and high rate of diseases.
  5. Adding a contemporary looking bookshelf to your drawing room will give your guest the feel of a properly decorated home and make your dream of owning a library come true. This is one of the simplest and most reasonable approaches to mix style and usefulness in your home without losing tasteful decoration and presentation. Rather than concentrating on books alone, get some motivation online to make your own ideal bookshelf. You will need to set the inclination right and furthermore broaden your style alternatives by including some intriguing plants, photographs, work of art on your bookshelf. Additionally, locate the best position in your bedroom or maybe your living hall and choose the correct tallness and stacking for the rack. These little details will enable you to set the vibe you’re attempting to achieve.

Lighting the house is another difficult task. If not paid due attention, it might make the whole house look dull and out of style. To remove any such kind of problem, try unique lighting ideas and forget about using the traditional chandelier kind of lighting as they are not suited for the modern day apartments or homes. There are a number of flea markets nowadays which sell a variety of lights which are not only beautiful and colourful but is also designed in a manner to fit in all varieties of new age homes giving a perfect add-on to your perfectly decorated home. Stylish table lamps, LED lights and colourful lights for your children’s room is what you should be looking for while decorating your house.

Interior designers nowadays are also shifting towards the use of mirror while planning to decorate their client’s house. Mirrors can be a good option for you as well as they are easy to get and are usually available in all shapes and sizes. You can find them anywhere like in your local 24/7 shops or in a flea market. Mirrors can be hand-painted and decorated by you as per the colours of the house and can be placed near the windows or above the television set. Imagine some beautiful mirrors next to your dark coloured windows, isn’t the picture pretty?

With the coming of French and Italian components in in the interior designing field; changing patterns to suit the modern day less complex or simpler approach relevant like lighter shades of colour and comfortable seating options as also keeping up with the trends of interior designing that are changing at a lightning speed, Interior designers in Kochi have been trying their best to provide their consumers with the finest alternatives and thereby, increase their satisfaction so as to maintain a stable and content consumer base.

One of the many residential interior designers in Kochi is the Greentech Interiors. It is undoubtingly one of the most trusted interior designers in Kochi. They first step their foot in the interior designing department around 20 years ago mainly as a group of people including interior designers and enthusiasts who wanted to create something useful for the modern day human being and this was possible only when they decided to design offices, hospitality spaces, kids rooms, dining rooms, living rooms keeping in mind the present day requirements. Greentech Investors have earned a name in the market because of the quality of the products that they manufacture as also because of their dedication to complete their assigned work on time leaving the customers happy and satisfied. They provide you with the best contemporary designs with lovely columns and rich furnishings.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that everyone wants a presentable and visually appealing home nowadays. You don’t have to be spend extravagantly or buy a huge house to make your house look great. A careful planning coupled with your needs and wants would be enough to make you understand what kind of home you wish to have. Be it the library you wanted to own since you were a child or a superhero themed room you wished to create after watching Batman, a home can be anything you want it to be. It is your imagination and creativity that will make the home appear as lively as you and your family (or friends) desired right from the moment you started earning.

Needless to say, in this era we have people to solve each and every little problem of ours provided we pay for their services. So, there comes the part to be played by the interior designers whose job is to transform your place into a home sweet home after taking into consideration all your little details and demands along with the price you are willing to pay. As mentioned earlier, if you are in Kochi you have a variety of options as far as interior designers are concerned such as the one mentioned above to help you design or decorate your house.

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