Simple Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

If you want to redo or revamp your living space, there are tonnes of options to choose from. You can go for flooring, furniture, ceiling or walls. Simply decorating a wall can go a long way in revamping your living space.

It will make your room appear different, and it’s bound to catch the attention of the visitors. So, are you looking forward to decorating your wall? If yes, read the following tips and choose one that appeals to your taste.

Some of the tips are as follows:

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors have been used since the time immemorial to amplify the living space. If you have a small living space with too many pieces of furniture, hanging a wall can be an effective solution. It will make your room appear bigger. If there’s a window adjacent to the wall or opposite to it, your room will also appear brighter. You can either order an oval-shaped mirror that’s huge or opt for a collection of small mirrors.

Install Shelves

If you are a bibliophile and love to collect books, you are bound to run out of spaces for storing them. Why not choose the wall to optimize the space? Install shelves on the wall so that you can display your beautiful collection of books. Your visitors are bound to notice it while you are busy conserving with them. This can be a great topic for conversation. So, it would end up serving dual purposes.

Use plants

Are you a nature enthusiast? If yes, you should make use of every opportunity to highlight this part of yours. For example, you can use plants to decorate the wall. Gone are the days when plants were kept in the pots lining the balcony or the porch. Now, you can hang the plants on the wall and give a natural touch to your living space. In the times when people are complaining about polluted air, you will have fresh air to breathe in. Isn’t that wonderful?

Hang a calendar

This idea is a class apart from the rest. Not everyone is fond of hanging murals, plants or installing shelves. If you don’t have a problem in being a little bold, go for oversized calendars. You can order them online or get them customized. They are not in vogue as of now so they are bound to catch the fancy of your friends and relatives.

Hang a map

If you are planning to decorate your room, you can hang an oversized map. You can purchase a map that shows all the locations you want to visit in your lifetime. Or you can get a colourful map customized for your wall. You can use markers to highlight areas that you aspire to visit. You can add post-its to write messages. Or if you have already visited a few places, you can hang a picture or two from there.

Use your bicycle

Are you a movie buff? If yes, you must have come across scenes where bikes are mounted on the walls. If it looks aesthetically pleasing to you, why not implement the same on your wall? Prima facie this may appear too bizarre, but this can be pretty useful. You can simply mount your bike when it’s not in use. If you have a bachelor’s pad, it will look pretty cool. Also, it may become a source of inspiration for your friends too!

Use wall for storing stuff

Do you have a lot of stuff and not ample space to store them? Well, this may be a blessing in disguise. If you have been planning to buy a closet or cupboard, halt yourself. You can use a wall for storing stuff. Not in the way of cramping the wall but by storing stuff in the manner as if they belong there since eternity. Willing to surprise your friends and visitors? Buy a strong hook and pin it to the wall. Ensure that it is strong enough to carry the load. Once it’s in place, use it for hanging hats, coats, keys, ties, sticks etc. If implemented correctly, this idea is going to leave the people in awe of you.

Choose large-scale art

Did you prefer visiting art galleries and purchasing paintings? Do you have a knack for clicking photographs that leave people mesmerized? If yes, you can choose the wall to display your talent. Unwrap the oversized painting you purchased years ago and hang it on the wall. This will draw the attention of the visitors to it and they are going to inquire about it. If your living room too spacious or empty, hanging an oversized photo or painting can make it appear aesthetically pleasing.

Go for wallpapers

If you do not want to spend too much time decorating the walks with shelves, painting or plates, you can opt for wallpapers. They are available in different sizes, colours, textures, etc. They are available at a range of prices and you can find a suitable one in the shop. You can also order them online and hire people to do the job. They need a little bit of maintenance and you are required to change them every few years. But they are hassle-free.

The aforementioned ideas will make your space appear fresh and pleasing. There are many other ideas that you can try out if you want to experiment. But if you are uncertain about the same, you should consult experts at Greentech Interiors. They are a household name in Kochi. They have a team of experienced interior designers who can assist you in designing your space. So, if you need advice, contact them today.