Simple Design Tips and Tricks For a Cozy Bedroom

A bedroom is one of the most important and private parts of every home that is also a manifestation of your preferences regarding style and design. Bedsheets, wall decor, antiques, paint colours, bookshelves, curtains, planters, and furnishings – there are various things to consider when it comes to cozy bedroom interior design.

While full-fledged renovation and interior decor is a lengthy and money-intensive process, doing simple upgrades now and then can surely help you keep your bedroom trendy at all times. Changing the settings of furniture, reinstalling the interior decor items in a new manner, and upgrading the overall look via upholstering or re-painting of your furniture essentials can help you a lot in this regard.

Further, the onset of winter marks the time when you can redo your bedrooms for a new season-specific look.

Re-upholstering and re-painting the old and sheen-less furniture

Many times, all your old furnishings need is a coat of paint or new fabric to wear and they are as good as new. If your chairs, stools, or sofa are looking old and dirty, go for reupholstering them. You can also make use of some spare fabric in your home for this purpose. Checking some DIY videos online can come to your rescue in this matter. Painting and reupholstering are easy for small furniture items. However, if you want to change the fabric of your sofa, you must call some expert carpenter at your home.

Make your bedrooms green

The indoor plantation is a trend that is here to stay for quite some time now. This is one such upgrade that can make your entire home and bedrooms look fresh and earthy. Install some wall planters or small hanging planters in various parts, such as windows or room corners.

If you want, and if you have provisioned, you can also pack your decor items and place small planters in their place, for a seasonal change. Place different types of cacti or different types of succulents or small herbal plants with stunted growth to make your plantation theme-based. This way, you can change the look of your bedroom every season. We recommend opting for unique and quirky vases and planters for an expert finish. You can find many impressive pieces online at highly affordable prices.

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Change the wall art

Walls are the souls of your home that represent your tastes and likings. Therefore, we recommend changing season-specific or trendy wall art on your walls. If you don’t have budget constraints and you wish to implement wall decoration ideas that will look good for ages, then invest in some high-end plates and dishes of porcelain.

You can also grab some high-end handcrafted pieces to hang on your walls and give your bedrooms a classy appearance. You can find wall decor essentials online as well, from contemporary to traditional and modern to quirky ranges.

Install a plush rug

Remove a few chairs and place a large, soft, and wintry rug in their place. Opt for a rug with thick texture and rich winter tones, such as deep blues, rich browns, and coffee, etc. If you don’t like dark colours, then opt for the classic nudes, such as snow white, rustic creme, and rich ivory, etc. You can also opt for a handmade rug and add a traditional touch to your home.

Add some rustic elements to your room

Change your home by adding some rustic decor essentials such as wooden tables, processed wooden stools, or a rustic chest of drawers. You can also find rustic wooden shelves and planter stands online. Rustic and industrial decor is trending these days, and you can find elements such as cane, ropes, and processed wood in almost all the architectural digests and websites.

Change the cushion covers or cushions

Believe us, when we say that you can change the overall look of your bedrooms and living rooms by changing your cushions or just their covers. You can find many thematic and designer cushions and cushion covers online. Try to choose the wintry shades such as the ones discussed above. If you are a fan of prints, you can opt for Mandala art, traditional art forms of India, oriental art, calligraphy, and stunning foliage prints. If you want to choose some warm tones, opt for rich and royal tones of vermillion, blue and mauve, etc.

Repurpose your drawers and old furniture

Repurposing your old drawers, storage, and old furniture can help you save money as well as reuse your old stuff. You can find many amazing and creative DIY videos and blogs that can show you how to turn your old drawers into wall art or photo frames and lots of other such repurposing projects. You can also make your old dresser into a press station. There are countless ideas to follow that you can easily find on the internet.

Invest in some quality and indigenous art pieces and decor

Indian art forms such as Madhubani and tribal art forms such as beads and mirror work have been loved and admired all across the globe. You can invest in some indigenous decor essentials that are based on Indian art forms and handicrafts. Traditional pieces of decor from Bidar, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha, and Bengal are some of the most amazing elements that you can install in your bedrooms.

While redoing your bedrooms, always remember one thing – your bedroom should look like a manifestation of your likes and taste preferences. It should reflect your inclination towards a refined living. So, follow the ideas that YOU like the most and give your home a wonderful summer makeover.

Follow the tips that you like the most, and share your experiences with us in the comments.

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