Top 7 Living Room Interior Design Trends in 2021

A home is a happy place. A beautifully designed home can make you even happier. But what can you do to make your home look better? There are several ways to enhance the beauty of your home. Designing interiors according to the latest trends will give your home an elegant touch. In a growing city like Kochi, there are experienced and creative interior designers who can help you turn your home into a wonder. Approach the best interior designers in Kochi to beautify your home. 

The key area that contributes to the outlook of your home is the living area. So your living area must get designed. There are living room interior designers who can contribute their creativity to decorate your living room. So now let us check out some of the living room interior design trends in 2021.

Give it a Kerala Touch

Neutral colors with dark furniture make a deadly combination. This gives the living room a Kerala touch which is a highly recommended design of 2021. Interior designers in Kochi, usually leave the color options to the owner, and then coloring is carried out using gradient style. That blend would give a vibrant look to your living room.

Stand Close to Nature

Adding plants to your living room gives it a really beautiful look. Probably, interior gardens will be a highly requested design method in 2021. This gives your living room a fresh and classic look to your interiors. Eco-Friendly living room designs were common in the past decade. We are bringing back that tradition that helps us remain fresh and peaceful throughout. 

Classic Styling to Your Living Room

This style is an ageless one. Giving your living room interiors a classic style is like giving it an ever-acceptable design. Warm colors and strict symmetry fill your room with positivity. Large furniture and heavy curtains add to the beauty of a classic-style living room. This kind of design gives your living room the elegance you wished for. 

Woody Living Room

Keralites are quite very fond of wood. And here is a perfect choice for your living room. Woody living room design gives your home a rich and royal look. The durability of wood is incompetent and thus need not worry about a replacement shortly. Moreover, this kind of design gives a natural outlook to the house.

Design with Italian Modern Furniture

Now, what about giving your interior an Italian outlook? Including Italian concepts in your living room is another leading trend of 2021. The sleek furniture with partial upholstery frames is one of the best choices in the market. If you are looking to modernize your living room, Italian design is a perfect pick. The easy-to-use benefits and strong materials are the added advantages of this style. Italian marble usage is also a highly preferable design concept. So when you are planning to design your living room, never miss out on trying the Italian design concept. 

Peel and Stick WallPapers in the Living Room Interiors

It’s not just about the flooring and furniture. The beauty of walls contributes immensely to the outlook of a living room. A classic and elegant wallpaper alone can give your living room an entirely different look. Among these, removable wallpaper is the latest trend. These peel and stick wallpapers give a more spacious look to your living room. If you look forward to giving your living room an orderly and maintained look, you must consider choosing a removable wallpaper. Several simple Kerala-style homes have already switched to removable wallpapers to make the living room more beautiful.

Switch to Spacious Living Rooms

A crowded room always looks messed up. So the best way to get rid of this is to opt for a design that lets your living room look more spacious. The key element for this is carpets and furniture. Heavy or large furniture in a small room will make the room more clumsy. So choose furniture that suits your place. Try to have some vacant space in your living room so that your room does not look overcrowded with things. 

The living room is the center of your home. So never regret investing in the living room. However, many budget-friendly choices would help you give a new look to your living room. Take help from the best interior designers in Kerala, to give a changed look to your living room making your home more beautiful.