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Living Area Design

Living Area or living room is the best part of any establishment as it speaks for the rest of the house on its own. The kind of setting one has in the living area symbolizes the taste of the owner and is thus one of the most crucial areas for any interior designer. With changes […]

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Dining Room Design

Dining rooms and Dining Areas have been constantly evolving and changing as per the eating habits and lifestyles of the people using them. Even at a particular time, the dining areas are different in an office, a commercial setting, a home, a studio apartment, a villa, a mansion, a regular home, and a hospitality establishment. […]

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Kitchen Design

The eating and cooking preferences have been changing since time immemorial and so are the kitchen designs. In the contemporary world where every person in a family has different food preferences, it is highly important to have a kitchen that can accommodate the kitchenware, gadgets and cooktops of all kinds. To help you in doing […]

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Bedroom Design

Everybody wants a bedroom that speaks of comfort, cosiness, cleanliness, has fresh and crisp bedding and is an abode of one’s dreams where one can enjoy a peaceful time. Though once you set to design it, you find that it is easily said than done which is why Greentech Interior has been working tirelessly since […]

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Kids Room Design

Designing spaces for kids is always fun and exciting as you get to learn so many new things by working with them. Some kids are really interactive and provide clear-cut specifications for their rooms while some are just inquisitive and curious and can’t get enough of all the construction and decorating going around. From newborns […]

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Gym Area Design

Having a well established Gym Arena has become a trend these days in almost all kinds of establishments. Be it commercial establishments such as entertainment centres, hospitalities such as hotels, offices and private residences; one can always find a gym which varies in size as well as equipments. Choosing a relevant gym equipment of good […]

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Residential Design

Home is where your heart is. Hence, everybody wants a home that is cosy, comfortable, and luxurious as per one’s own taste and has a distinct ‘homely’ feeling to it. Greentech Interiors which is the best interior design company in Kerala, has been creating, designing, modifying, decorating and renovating residential spaces of all kinds since […]

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Designing a new house or a new flat is not only exciting and fun. It is full of unwanted expenses that may cause you to put on a cross on the things you have always been wanting to install; if you are not well versed with construction materials etc, you can get duped as well. […]

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Commercial Design

There is a distinct something in the décor and designing of an office that speaks of the kind of work going on there. Speaking of the individuals that are at work inside the walls of the office, it also speaks of the mind that has designed it, thought about it and created it for usage. […]

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Office Design

Gone are the days when offices used to be boring places with whitewashed walls and standard furniture that used to be uncomfortable mostly. With the advent of corporate culture and rise in the start-ups, co-working spaces, MNCs in action and Outsourcing Holdings; the picture is totally changed. The offices are still serious and people still […]

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Hospitality Design

Hospitality Business is in trend these days and to have an edge over the competitors, you need to have both the infrastructure and services that are nothing but the best. Greentech Interiors offers the best assistance in providing the very first ingredient of success i.e. Infrastructure. With an experience of over 20 years in creating, […]

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Contemporary design

Greentech Interiors, the best interior designers in Kerala, brings highly modern and classy contemporary designs for all kinds of spaces for clients of every domain. Contemporary designs are realistic and better suited to the present day trends, requirements and lifestyle. Lovely columns, rich furnishings that are suited for the day to day activities in the […]

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