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Kids Room Design

Designing spaces for kids is always fun and exciting as you get to learn so many new things by working with them. Some kids are really interactive and provide clear-cut specifications for their rooms while some are just inquisitive and curious and can’t get enough of all the construction and decorating going around. From newborns to teenagers, Greentech Interiors – the best interior designers in Kerala, has crafted marvellous rooms of all kinds in the past 20 years.

Be it an astronomical wonder for your young astronaut, or underwater life for a budding marine explorer, or a pretty pink world for a pretty young bee; we have worked with innumerable clients and translated the wishes of their loved ones into physical forms that they love to live with. Bunk beds, storage beds for twins, small camp settings in the playrooms, toys rooms, recreation areas, nurseries, bath areas and babies décor – Greentech Interiors has each and everything on its resume. With a list of lovely young clients of which many have turned out into fine young gentlemen, we at Greentech,unquestionably the top interior designers in Kerala, take pride in the fact that we have made the childhood of so many kids special and memorable.

Small rooms to big rooms with different areas for playing, studying, and sleeping; customized studies; rooms for twins that are designed with special closets and study tables of same types etc; rooms with wall décor that aids in learning; rooms with mini-projector set-ups to make the learning fun and interactive; rooms with lights that teach colours and various other physical phenomena associated with light – Greentech Interiors can make every parent and kid happy. Rooms for teenagers that love to recreate the video tutorials of hair and grooming; Closets that are big enough to store the souvenirs they bring from different outings and racks that are trendy as well as handy to store the hundreds of books for the budding scientists; we have designs for all kinds of clientele that will surpass their expectations in every sense.



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