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Residential Design

Home is where your heart is. Hence, everybody wants a home that is cosy, comfortable, and luxurious as per one’s own taste and has a distinct ‘homely’ feeling to it. Greentech Interiors which is the best interior design company in Kerala, has been creating, designing, modifying, decorating and renovating residential spaces of all kinds since past 20 years. With a flair for understanding the space constraints and customer requirements; armed with a hardworking team of highly competent and qualified professionals; a plethora of successfully completed projects and a hard earned reputation that speaks for itself; Greentech Interiors is a name that is synonymous to quality.

We at Greentech specialize in designing and decorating kitchens (modular as well), living rooms, dining area, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, nurseries, balconies, open sit-outs, gyms, drawing rooms, bathrooms, studies, pools, entertainment spaces and a lot more. Spaces designed by Greentech Interiors will be a breath of fresh air after completion and reflect the innovative and singular approach of our team.

From furniture to décor, from lights to colours; from curtains to rugs; each and everything will be a marvellous piece individually and will be placed and combined tastefully so as to yield a perfect setting. We aim to make the four walls of your home as beautiful and as tasteful as possible.

Having worked with clients of all kinds and completed the projects of all kinds of budget, we have come at an innate understanding of customers’ wishes and taste. Greentech Interiors promise all the clients nothing but the best of everything, every colour, every material, every furnishing, every décor item and every task, which is why we are the best interior designers in Kerala.

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