Real Life Experience With One of the Best Interior Designers in Kochi & Kerala


I realised the importance of interior designing back in 2016. No matter what the requirements are, whether personal or professional, interior designing play a huge role in shaping various projects and opportunities as well as in improving your mood and temperament. What happened with me was a continuous feeling of stress as a result of work and the moment I stepped into my house I felt worse. It took me some to realise that it was because of my monotonous home interior.

How interiors can affect your mood:

  • A dull coloured interior with old or chapped furniture will provide negative effects on your mood whereas bright coloured and classy furniture will make it better. Also, watching the same interior for decades makes one feel monotonous.
  • A stylish interior provides a great first impression on people who do not know you personally. Appreciation for your home is enough to make anyone proud of it.
  • ¬†Spaced out interiors give a sense of openness whereas clumsy interior makes one feel suffocated and willing to leave the room.
  • In a stressed out mood, a good interior will make it lighter whereas a dull one will only result in further depression.
  • ¬†If you carry on work in your home, with bad interior design, potential clients are likely to lose interest due to a bad impression and you may lose projects despite being efficient.


Hence I feel it is necessary to keep the interior of the house decorated, fresh and clean because not only it looks good, but also give positive vibes to the person who is at that place. Always try to stay updated with new trends in home interior designing. A colleague of mine recommended me to go for Greentech interior because currently Greentech Interiors known to be one of the best interior designers in kochi, kerala.So I finally decided to went with Greentech Interior Designers to renovate my apartment and give it a brand new look to it. The idea sounded appealing to me, owing to the fact that I was tired of my boring interiors.

My experience with One of the Best Interior Designers in Kochi

Within a month, Greentech Interiors had transformed my old boring house to a blush of pink and lavender, my favourite colours and I realised how much I loved to spend my time at my home after that! There are various reasons why I would recommend you to go to Greentech Interiors while you are renovating your house, moving in to a new house or just for a change of style.

Why Greentech Interiors are One of the Best Interior Designers in Kochi


They have a Great taste in Modern Interior Designing.

With new trends in designing, they alter the look of the home magnificently with their application. The minds of the members are extremely creative and they perceive the world’s best ideas to implement on your home to choose from. With contrasting colours that brighten up the house or a shade of white that signifies calm or peace, they work according to their client’s needs to help them achieve their dream house as soon as they can.

Their Major Point of Focus was the Living Room Design.

Greentech Interior Designers give more importance to the Living Room interior design.I could not agree more with them. Whenever guests come to your house don’t you make them sit and make a conversation in your living room? It is essential to put on a good impression on them no matter what your social status is. At Greentech, they work efficiently by applying modern trends like plush sofas spread across the room in a L-shape, or with modern electronic appliances to add some style to the room, etc according to the client’s need. They provide clients a huge list of choices that is enough to make them want to have more than one living room to decorate because all of them are so elegant!

They are Exquisite in their Variety of Tastes.

With masterpieces across the world that can take you on a world tour right at your home! Greentech Interior Designers can impart the classiest or the simplest look to your bedroom according to your requirement. Since the bedroom is where you sleep and wake up, it is necessary to get positive vibes right from the start of the day to have a good day.

They Make the Kitchen Interior Design Modern and Trendy.

Greentech Interior Designers have the knowledge of the best cooking appliances and cook tops, easy to clean and use. They keep in mind to provide space for safety of anyone who cooks there and set up modern cooking appliances to speed up the cooking process.

They Look after the Comfort of the Dining Room.

They set up the dining interior design in a stylish or simple way based on the client’s choice and according to the space available. They out do themselves here with matching and modern dining sets that are not only soothing to the eye, but also comfortable when in use.

They design the room according to the hobbies or interests of the child.

Thus, he or she loves the room so much that keeping it clean becomes a habit! If there are kids in the house, they design the kid’s room with a lot of care to make sure they have fun but at the same time the furniture is chosen in a way such that the kids can be safe around it.
From my own personal experience, Greentech Interior Designers is one the best interior designers in Kochi with excellent innovative and creative ideas to make your home to a heaven.