Why Interior Designers give Importance to Antique & Indoor plants in Interior Designing.


Interior designing can prove beneficial in several ways. The interiors of a room can change the entire aura and we hope you have heard the saying – Dress for the job you want and not the job you do. So a high style for interior designing is a must.

How interiors matter 

  • A good interior makes you feel happy to be there and you are more likely to be in a happy mood. A happy mood implies that all your works will be done well and you will have a satisfactory day.
  •  It is your impression on your friends, relatives, guests and neighbours. Your interior acts as your status symbol in various occasions.
  • A good interior provides a great background for your social media pictures, so the next time you post a picture, you need to have an elegant background and not just any weird background.
  •  If you believe in Feng Shui or Vaastu then you know exactly how important interiors are for well being and for fortune to come. So having the interior designed in compliance with Vaastu will definitely prove beneficial.

Antique Interior Designing

Most of the interior designers  give more importants to the antique based interior designing. Antique furniture is one of the best part of  interior designing is probably the most elegant way up styling up a house. One can either mix modern and traditional furniture’s or go entirely traditional. There are several eras and centuries to take inspiration from and implement on your house.

Why Antiques are important and an Integral part of interior designing

    •  Antiques are the source of history and each antique piece has a story behind it’s first occurrence, it’s creation, etc. Though your furniture will be a replica, it will be a nice way to introduce people with your home.
    •   Antique furniture’s are costly and great in quality. Once you have made a purchase, you can sit back and relax without worrying about it for decades. It is easier to manage and handle than modern kind of furniture.
    •  Antique tables and chairs are better than modern ones in several ways. Firstly they are made of wood and leather generally making it easy to clean and use. In modern furniture, the tables sport a glass top which can often be dangerous with kids around.
    •  Antique furniture’s give a sense of royals and one can simply never get enough of it. It is a one of a kind experience and one cannot afford to miss it.

Items to check while buying or designing with Antiques

  •  A candle holder is a must since it is almost absent in these days. However there is no such pleasure than sitting near a lit candle in the dark.
  • A chandelier for brightening up the ceiling. It is a sign of royals and a chandelier can add elegance to any room any time. 
  •  Spacious and luxurious arm chairs, for they are going to be your love as you sit early in the morning sipping a cup.
  • Clocks with Roman numerals are yet another grand show of antiquity.
  •  Show pieces of antique objects that are no longer in use, such as gramophones. 


Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are the new addition to the modern interior designing techniques and they indeed do add a charm to the interiors with several benefits in itself. Who doesn’t want to add hues of green to the interiors? You might be a environment lover or may just be looking for a change in your interiors and changing your home interior with plants must have sounded right. You may also think that plants add an aesthetic appearance to the home. Well then, you are right and here is why!

Indoor plants and their necessity in interior designing

    • Plants are oxygen suppliers. Obviously having them inside your home will guarantee more oxygen around you and in your room, thereby also assuring a good health due to fresh air. They can reduce the carbon dioxide levels prevalent in your home and also reduce the risk of airborne diseases.
    •  Since plants add greenery to the interior, having them inside the room will you give you a sense of optimism and you will feel rejuvenated.
    • Watering plants regularly makes you happy as it is a very healthy and nice hobby. If your plants flower, your joy will know no bounds.
    •  If the plant has a nice smell, the interior will be filled with the smell, making it even better and nice.
    • Since plants absorb and reflect background noise, having plants in your home will help you have a quieter and more peaceful life.

Things to keep in mind while having an indoor plant in your home

  • Make sure that you make it a habit to nourish and water the plants every day. Keep in mind that not only will it improve your efficiency in finishing chores, but very soon you would start sharing a special bond with the plant! It’s true, very soon you would become more attached to it.
  • Do not keep the plant in your bedroom. That is because at night plants stop photosynthesis but they continue respiration, because of which the carbon dioxide content in the area around them increases. This may be harmful for anyone sleeping in such a situation.
  •  If you desire a lot to keep plants in the bed room at night, opt for plants like orchids which keep the oxygen release contestant even at night.
  • Choose a plant that flowers and spreads fragrance, since in the long run it will feel much better than a casual plant. It will add freshness to the room and satisfaction to the sight.
  •  Choose a plant that doesn’t grow in size to a great extent so that it looks more like a decoration and not like a mess when it is kept in the room.


We hope these tips helped so that you can choose the best Antique and Indoor plants with your interior design services in order to make the most of your apartment or residence.