Home Interior Designing Secrets for your Small Room

If you’re living in an apartment or house with limited space, the main worry factor for you might be the insufficient space that makes your space looks messy. It’s true that everybody desires a more roomy space that includes all the necessary facilities. With Greentech Interior designers, you need not worry about any kind of interior designing needs. If messed-up interior space is what makes you irritated when you reach home after work, we will help you with home interior designing in Kochi to your small interiors look spacious enough.

Let’s explore some easy tricks that can make your space roomy and warm.

Lighten up

Choosing a light colour for your interior is one good option to create the illusion of a larger room. Interior designing experts suggest neutral or light shades over dark colours to reflect more light in the room and it will also make the room airy. Light-coloured flooring, window coverings and carpets are widely recommended to add the feeling of openness and warmth insider your room. Better you should avoid bold prints for your wall coverings and upholstery for sofas and armchairs.  

Minimise your Furniture

It would be better to replace your big bed with a smaller one to avoid the crampy and uncomfortable look of your room. Choosing smaller stuff will maximise your room space and create an open look. Adopting shelves and wall-hung cabinet will improve the room size as elevated furnishings can free up floor leaving more space. Since big furniture will make your room feel even smaller, it is better to use small items. Instead of a sofa, go for small chairs or a loveseat.

Place a Mirror

Mirrors are one of the best and simplest options to make your room look larger than they really appear. Mirrors will not only help you look beautiful but can enhance your room appearance also. By placing a good large mirror in your room will reflect light and can create the illusion of your room look twice its actual size. Proper positioning towards the window will also capture the scenery outside, maximize light reflection and airy inside.

Declutter your Interiors

Adding too many items to your space will make it feel cramped. Hence, make sure to buy only the necessary stuff for your small rooms. Keep it neatly arranged so as to make a feeling of openness. Placing the accessories a bit off the floor will definitely create a feeling of more space in the room. Rather than showing up all your knick-knack items, display only a few items at a time. Organising only necessary items can add more comfort and convenience paving way for opened up feel. Also, select multi-function furniture to avoid the need for several separate items. Hanging an eye-catching artwork or attractive item on the wall will draw all your attention to it eliminating the focus on the rest of the room.

Coordinate Colours

Using the same colours for practically all items will add a feeling of openness. Contrasting colours can be stunning but will give a broken up feel for your room. Therefore, it is suggested to use window covering, wall paints and other accessories of similar shades to create a harmonious feel. Ceiling colour lighter than the walls will make the space look bigger by giving a feeling of better height.

If you feel you can’t do these simple yet effective tips, hire an interior designing company in your nearby locality. An experienced interior designer will help you energise your favourite room leaving no space for disappointment. If you are staying in Greentech Interior would be the ideal choice to make your interiors super fabulous. Being a renowned home interior designing company in Kochi, Greentech helps you transform your home or office interiors beyond your expectation.