How to Use Plants in interior Designing

Green is the most soothing color. The greenery around will instill a sense of calmness and joy in the heart. Plants inside the home will infuse you with positivity and a fresh feel. Imaginative interior designers can transform your home into a blissful space by adding plants and greenery in and around it.

Plants may not be limited to the drawing-room or verandah. It can be placed in any room to augment looks. Perfectly amalgamating the chosen plants into the bedroom design, and arranging plants to elevate the kitchen designs can make your interior world more mesmerizing.

Benefits of Plants inside Your Home

Plants not only enhance the beauty of your home but also offer several benefits. Some of the proven facts are:

  • Plants keep the availability of Oxygen high. The natural fresh air will induce a healthy sleep for the inhabitants.
  • Plants help in reducing anxiety phenomenally. Nurturing the plants are a known stress-buster
  • Those would render a space of serenity and aid you in the proper orientation
  • More powerful and healthy than an artificial air filter
  • Mood enhancement is a known benefit of keeping plants inside the home

How to Use Plants Effectively During Home Interior Designing?

Just placing all the plants wherever you find a free space is not advisable. It will do more harm than good. It can cause a cluttered feeling adding stress, inadvertently, instead of relieving your heart. Some points to remember whilst planning plants inside your home are explained in the succeeding paragraphs.

Space Availability

The foremost thing to consider is the space available. Having a wide-open area may tempt you to fill those with decorative pieces, artifacts, and plants. Even though it will appear appealing and beautiful in the initial days, the overcrowding may cause discomfort or make you feel suffocated. Calculate the overall area and evaluate the free space requirements. You may consult us if you need expert advice in this regard or any other support related to home interior decoration.

Style Pattern You Want

Perceptions and views differ from person to person. Some may want artistically designed arrangements. Some others may look for simple design features. Narrow down to the look you want. You may consider following the same pattern in the entire home or each room may have its unique style.

Type of Plants

Whether you want small plants or large plants? The size of the plant will change the signature of the interior. It may not be good if you place large plants instead of small ones in some areas of the rooms and vice versa. Visualization of the room with the plants will be useful in determining the right one. Imaginative interior designers can guide you in this. Moreover, the interior designers will provide you 3D images with the interior decoration that will give a clear picture of the looks.

Budgetary Limitations

Interior designing can be custom-tailored based on the budget you have. No need to go for an exorbitant design if you have budgetary constraints. We opine that you may reach out to us to know the affordable interior design packages we have for you.

Using Plants for Different Rooms

As we have suggested, plants can be placed in every room. It will elevate the mood. The selection of plants must be based on the size of the room, the type of room (bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc), and the available space.

Bedroom Design with Plants

Normally bedrooms will have comparatively lesser free space available than other rooms, after placing the bed and wardrobe. So, the calculation may turn tough if you are not a professional. You can put plants on the windowsill, parapet, and balcony outside the bedroom if the bedroom doesn’t have enough space. Planning the bedroom interior design during the construction itself will be helpful in creating space on the walls for small plants.

Kitchen Design with Plants

The kitchen is another area in a home that may become cluttered with cupboards, kitchen cabinets, fridge, and oven. Keeping plants among the items may not be a good idea. Rather, the placement should be planned judiciously. To make the plants create a great impact on the individuals working in the kitchen and enhance their spirits.

Living Room Design

The living room is the space where you receive guests. It should reflect the style of the home in a positive way. Concerted efforts are necessary to make the living room stand out and make it awe-inspiring. Hiring an interior designer with experience and out-of-the-box thinking will help in instilling exceptional aesthetic appeal. Plants can simply turn the looks of the living space by offering an optimistic feel.

Greentech Interiors – Understanding Your Needs

Greentech Interiors will help you design your home magnificently and make it a pleasant and serene space to stay. We would offer you design features to understand your concepts and thoughts. Our experience and knowledge about the modern design features aid us in suggesting the best interior design using plants.

We will custom-design and manufacture the furniture, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and other items according to your views and the space availability. Made using the best quality material, we assure you longevity and performance of the products provided by us. You can also seek a free consultation from our interior designers.

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