Top 10 Kitchen Interior Design Tips for Your Dream Home

The kitchen is indeed one of the most happening places in a house. It is where people meet, greet and have a chit-chat. Nearly all of the people who build a home crave a luxurious and spacious kitchen. Nobody prefers a dingy or congested kitchen. And this is not hard to achieve. In fact, if you want your already existing kitchen to look more spacious and grand, it can be made possible with a few tips and techniques. Here are 10 interior tips that can make your kitchen look stunning.

1.Countertop height

Make sure the countertop height is appropriate. It shouldn’t be too small or too high. Either case can cause immense difficulty while working. So make sure it is at the right height and space. Also, take time to arrange things on the countertop. A messy kitchen is the last thing you want. Keep trays for keeping the cutlery. It will help in keeping the countertop organized.

2. Kitchen colors speak a lot

Avoid dark colors in the kitchen. Bring in shades like white which can reflect light. The kitchen painted in white will naturally appear bigger and spacious. Use different textures of the same color for the cupboards and storage. Using different colors won’t be visually appealing.

3. Have enough storage

Surely you don’t want things scattered here and there in the kitchen. Provide ample storage inside the kitchen. It could be open shelves as well closed ones. The more storage the more organized the kitchen will be. If having a cupboard is going to compromise on the space, then try wall shelves and open ones where you can organize things.

4. Pick the right lights

There’s a lot lighting can do. Avoid all the old lighting and bring on hanging lights if you can. It instantly changes the look and feels of any space. Also, make sure that there is enough sunlight inside the kitchen. The brighter the light, the bigger the kitchen would look. Also, make use of spotlights to give a luxurious look to the kitchen.

5. Disown old appliances

There is no point in sticking to the old appliances. It might give you an impression that you are saving money but in fact, you are not and chances are high that you will end up losing more also. Old appliances won’t run long and will also make the kitchen look weary and drab. Instead of spending money on it, try purchasing new appliances that can instantly elevate the look of your kitchen. Find the one that goes in tune with the texture and styling of your kitchen and bring it home. If you are concerned about the space, appliances are now available in different styles and also enormously save the place.

6. Get built-in bins

Some people prefer open trash cans whereas others prefer built-in bins. Both are convenient and are up to the judgment of the individual. Open trash cans are easy to clean but they might interfere with the look of the kitchen. Whereas built-in bins very conveniently hide the trash bins from the view, keeping the kitchen neat and clean. It would need to be cleaned regularly to keep faulty odor away. But it is a good option for modular kitchens.

7. Bring in a bit of outdoors

One way of making the kitchen look bigger is to bring in a bit of outdoors. Have a small backyard garden or a patio behind the kitchen where family members can sit and engage in activities. Seating can be provided there. Try installing some green plants inside the kitchen. It also helps in making the kitchen look bigger and expansive.

8. Bring in a sync

Make sure that the paint, wallpapers, and cupboards are all in sync. Different textures of the same color can be tried instead of bringing in a whole range of different colors. A harmony in colors can give a comfy feel to the eyes and make the place feel warm.

9. Minimal is the game-changer

Instead of opting for big and bulky furniture and appliances, try minimalism. Use minimal furniture and showpieces. It can make the kitchen look big and also grand. Using big and bulky storage options can negatively impact the desired look and can also cost large space. It will narrow down the kitchen and make it hard to move around. Using simple yet unique furniture can add a glow to the whole space. The best interior designers in Kochi would vouch for this.

10. Mind the corners

While arranging and planning things for the kitchen, many ignore the corner spaces. But there is a lot that corner places can do. The designers at Greentech Interiors always consider this point and put the corners to the best use. There is never too much storage and ask your designer about utilizing the corner space.