Pros and Cons of Today’s Interior Designing

Interior designing is one of those job profiles that require constant updating and learning throughout the career. You cannot learn a thing or two about the designing of spaces and rest assured that you will ace through all the projects you encounter. Every space and every client has different requirements and expectations; so you just can’t decorate all the spaces in one manner. Further, interior designers cannot always copy the catalogue looks and palettes from the online or offline sources as the catalogue designs are very specific to regional and spatial requirement and might not suit to the clients being served at some other place. For instance, if you are decorating a space in Indian NCR region, you just cannot go for the look you saw in a catalogue for a Canadian or American home. The facilities available, the furnishings, the cultural requirements and lifestyle of both the places are very different and there is no way a designer can copy the complete look. The following post will be focusing on the various pros and cons of being an interior designer in today’s world and reflect on the various challenges one encounters in this field.

Pros of being an Interior Designer

   Excitement For something NEW Every Day

  • Being an interior designer means dealing with new challenges, new people, new pieces, new spaces and every other thing that can be associated with designing.
  • The thrill of designing different establishments with different characters is always there. One day you are designing a contemporary studio apartment with standards furnishings and the other day you are designing an old house or a large villa or some office.
  • However, you might have to wait and be in business for sometime before you can find some really large independent projects.

  Interacting with new people

  • If you love meeting new people and working for them, then your profession will never let you get bored.
  • Every single day will bring a number of new clients with different requirements and you will be at your own disposal on how to deal with them.

  Creating magic in Ordinary

  • The interior designing brings life in every ordinary thing; be it an empty room or any empty house; be it a chair that seems ordinary but transforms the look and feel of the whole place when matched properly with surroundings and furnishings.
  • Designing interiors also means staying in budget and completing the project with finesse and expertise. The designer in his or her lifetime learns to bring out the best of everything with minimal resources.

  Fun and recreation is inherent

  • Shopping new rugs, curtains, draperies, furnishings, planning new set-ups for an already designed house or space and modifying the spaces so as to suit the current living standards – the work is always fun in the life of an interior designer.
  • Playing with colours, designing demos on the laptops, and giving someone the house of their dreams is what the job is all about.
  • Travelling to new places for work as well as shopping; you can find recreation in the job itself.

After having gone through the various pros of being an interior designer, let us move onto find out what challenges are there in the life of an interior designer or so called cons of the profession.

Cons of being an interior designer

  Dealing with people of all sorts

  • If you are an independent interior designer, then you have to deal with the people of all sorts in your daily life such as carpenters, seamstresses, electrician, installation guys, tile and paint dealers and what not.
  • The more individuality you want to put in your project, the more you would have to travel and shop and deal with every person on your own.
  • Sometimes, the workmen are so difficult that you are not able to accomplish any work in the whole day.

  Difficult Clients

  • Some clients are really difficult to deal with such as the ones that don’t know what kind of look they are aiming for; what are the colours that appeal to them; whether they want to go for an intense make-over or just redecoration and the ones that are impulsive buyers.
  • You have to be patient and understanding while dealing with such clients. Sometimes, you have to go for visual tours to already designed houses and spaces with the clients and that might add up some costs as well.


  • Sometimes, the stress keeps on piling up and you might find it difficult to do work with increasing pressure.
  • The clients might be deadline conscious and the workmen might not be which means that you will have a hard time dealing with both the sides.

  Right Break

  • The interior designers might have to wait for some time before they can start their own work. They might have to work at some high end furniture store, or art gallery or furnishing outlets.
  • Finding a right client and right break will take some time and patience which can cause the frustration to pile up.


  These are some pros and cons of being an interior designer. Rest, be one and explore for yourself.