Top trends in Office Interior Designing


Gone are the days when offices used to be dull, depressing buildings; all of them looking alike with mundane tables loaded with hideous files and trays and pen holders and cane chairs that used to creak when one used to sit on them. There used to be not a single thread anywhere in the name of décor and the occasional small vases for single flowers used to be the luxury that can be afforded by the people on high posts with their own cabins. With the revolution in the work ethic and privatization happening in the majority of the sectors; the offices have also become modern. The privately owned offices; the start-ups; the corporate offices; and almost all kinds of offices are now ergonomically designed. The office interior is kept in such a manner that the employees don’t find themselves in a mundane environment that is boring and tiring. Further, the office interior designers maintain the overall look and feel of the office and ensure that the working is not hampered in any manner. The overall impression of the office is kept subtle while the boredom is nowhere to be seen. Well, formed an idea of designing the modern day offices; let us explore some of the top trends in the office interior designing these days.  

Importance of Adjustable Layouts in office Interior Designing

  • Today adjustable layout is one of the top trends in office interior designing. The overall layout of the office is kept so that it can be modified with the needs arising in future. There is no rigid distinction between different working areas. The bay area and cubicles (if absolutely required) are kept so that they can be easily modified and the space can be used for any other purpose in future.
  • Layout Customization feature in office interior designing most suited for start-ups in the best manner. The start-ups or small offices can just make changes as per the requirements and that too without incurring much loss in terms of installation and modification.
  • The employees are not limited to their own private tables and chairs; they sit a large table with ergonomic sitting instead.
  • Apart from the sitting, the lunch areas or canteens are also designed in such a manner that in future they can be refurnished for some different purpose as well.
  • The private cabins, however, are the only part of the offices that comes with boundaries that are kept subtle as well. The rigid cardboard and cemented partitions have given way to the beautiful and semi-transparent glass that allows window for inspection as well as seems to make the boss accessible ‘always’..!!

Impact of Customizable Furniture in Office Interior Designing

  • The urge to understand the basic needs of the employees, the urge to provide a work environment that is comfortable as well as flexible up to certain degrees and the urge to have a healthy and friendly working space – has led to the incorporation of yet another element in the office décor.
  • The customizable furniture is another important element which comes under the office interior designing.  The customizable furniture comprises of all the pieces that can be customized as per the needs of the office holder such as height adjustable tables and chairs; adjustable ergonomic sitting; tables that come with customizable storage areas that come really handy if one has to draw or design on sheets or cut fabrics etc – all have become a new trend in the office interior designing.
  • Apart from installing the furniture that can be customized, the décor is done in such a manner that the spaces can be interchanged or exchanged for a better level of comfort in between the employees without much ado. For example, the office interior designing layout permits the pregnant ladies to switch from upper floors to ground floor without having to remove their work area essentials. The switching offers a better and more comfortable working space that modifies itself as per the needs of the employees.

Overall Look and Feel in office Interior Designing

  • The colours are another important factor in office interior designing. The office interior shades are no longer insipid whites and off-whites or that eye-burning light yellow that used to decorate the walls of the old buildings. The soft colours for the ambiance; bright colours for the lunch areas; colours merging well with the furniture installed in the canteen and cafeteria, correctly balanced neon colours that look trendy as well as impart a fun look to the environment and really well –played around colours in the recreation centres and Gyms – is something one can find in all the modern day offices.
  • The office essentials are picked in engaging colours and not in dull and boring greys and blues.
  • The light silver colour is used in combination with subtle dark and quirky colours to keep the overall look and feel of the office as a serious one.
  • The desks, conference rooms, discussion areas, presentation areas and all the other areas are a trendy and beautiful manifestation of the mind of office interior designers that produces an overall effect of a highly employee oriented working space.

Smart Screens and Smart Furniture in Office Interior Designing

  • Though the budget can be a huge deciding factor in office interior designing; but the size and extent can always be modified while choosing the screens and furniture for the offices.
  • The smart screen walls with live wallpapers and video feed adds an engaging element to the offices and make them more enjoyable. Having something that can smooth your nerves and senses from time to time ensures that you are fresh and inspired throughout your day at office.
  • The smart furniture such as the tables with integrated wireless charging and charging slots for wired devices ensure a clutter free desk. This ensures that the employee is able to focus more on the work and is not spending time in de-cluttering the desk or work area.
  • The flexibility to allow the employees to work from their own laptops, mobiles and tablets apart from the company provided computers means that the office environment is tech savvy and allows for a flexible and efficient working.

Home and Office Almost the ‘SAME’

  • The recent trend in the office interior designing has been to keep the office design much near to the home; so that the employee finds all the comfort he or she has in the home. Further, the furnishings are kept in such a manner that the homely feeling never goes away.
  • The addition of elements such as long couches in the discussion and conference rooms; trendy furnishings in presentation rooms and vending machines (different kinds) in a number of spots ensures that the employee doesn’t have to go much to and fro in the office just to find a space that is comfortable as well as inspiring.
  • Soft seating installations and bean bags etc all can provide a really homely feel to the work spaces.

Refreshing Elements in Office Interior Designing

  • Introduce planters (big and small) as per the design and space availability in the offices for a near-to-nature look.
  • Fun and cool spaces for hanging out and lunches.
  • Recreation areas should be designed keeping the needs of the introverts and those employees that love to read or spend some time relaxing rather than playing or doing something sporty as a rest.
  • Incorporation of air purifiers can also make the office more suited for working.
  • Keeping the texture, warmth and richness of the office décor in mind is the main thing that keeps the office décor right on tracks.
  • Allowing spaces for open seating and working such as roof sitting; open campuses etc is yet another trend in the office designing.