Important Elements of Contemporary Interior Design


Contemporary and Modern Interior Design reflects the elements of the modern thinking and modern age. All the complexity and stuffiness of the old age interiors and interior designs have been replaced by openness, light and airy arrangement of décor in the homes that are full of natural colours, natural décor and very subtle colour combinations. The dark shades of blues and purples have been replaced by stainless steel and other variants; heavy upholstery and complex beddings have been replaced by graceful and light coloured bed covers and cushions that are smaller in size as well as numbers, and the overall look of the place is kept open and airy.

The following post shall focus on all the crucial elements of the contemporary interior designing. From interiors, décor, colours to the exterior of the spaces (especially homes) – this post will cover almost every element that makes the Contemporary Interior Designing apt to its name.

Contemporary Interior and Exterior

  • The main thing which is kept in mind while designing a place is to keep the place well lighted and airy. The closed, small and dark places with small or no windows such as parlours and other rooms that used to form a major part of the old houses are now obsolete.
  • The well defined geometric boundaries in the interiors of the house as well as the curvilinear or rectilinear designs for the front portion of the house are the current trends.
  • The Contemporary Interior Designs include the skylights, windows, and complete walls made up of glass (high strength) that allows a lot of natural light to flow in and give an overall open and natural look to the surroundings.
  • Flat rooflines with zero complex designs and borders are installed.

Natural Light is Predominant

  • While the rooms used to rely on the artificial lights such as electric and gas in the recent past and candles and chandeliers in the yester era; the Contemporary Interior Design utilizes the natural sources of light.
  • The big skylights, transparent and translucent glass walls, seating arrangements in front of the windows (large sized), ceiling and panorama windows – all are the major elements of the current day interior design.
  • The big rooms with natural light as the major component of the ambience imparts a fresh and natural look to the space.

Airiness is Everywhere

  • Not only the doors and windows are installed in such a manner that the place is not suffocating, but the furniture is also chosen keeping the same thing in mind.
  • The furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, sofas, beds etc are very lightweight and are totally opposite to the heavy, ornate and weighty furniture of the bygone days.
  • The bathrooms come with very sophisticated and small accessories such as commodes are wall-hang type; the basins are fitted well into the counters; the cabinets are open and airy and even the bath tubs are designed in a modern fashion.

Extensive use of Natural Decor

  • These days, the décor is kept near to nature.
  • The use of natural materials such as wood, rocks, sand, cork, natural leather, linen and slate etc. is done so as to keep the overall essence of the place natural.
  • The cane and wicker have come again in the form of furniture, décor items and various other articles.
  • Installation of plants in the house is another feature of the Contemporary Interior Designing that keeps the space close to nature. Plants for the window sills, balconies, sitting area and kitchen – there are plenty of options to choose from.

Bare Floors or Modern Carpeting

  • The current trend in home designing are bare floors that are designed in different colours such as dark and pale marble combinations; steel coloured marble; wood floors that are polished or unpolished; greys and other subtle colours.
  • The heavy carpeting used to be a characteristic of the old age interiors and is now obsolete.
  • If you must have carpets in the house, then you can use the modern designs that come with eccentric colours and designs. Carpets with calligraphy, rough finish, laser cuts, etc can be utilized to make the home stylish and modern.

Subtle Colours

  • The colouring inside the homes is kept so that the main motive of keeping the house airy and light is not overridden. The colours are chosen from lighter colour palette and the combinations are done in moderation.
  • Striking colour combinations such as silver and dark blue etc are not used anymore.
  • The modern day interiors are coloured with distinct colours that are called as “neutral” shades.
  • The combination is also done in such a manner that the overall theme remains same. For example the stripes are done in 4 to 5 gradient shades of whites or other neutral shades.

Open Floor Plans

  • These days the open floor or open house plans are in trend. This means that the walls are not installed and the overall place is kept as a SINGLE LARGE ROOM.
  • Kitchen area, sitting are and entertainment area are not separated via walls.
  • The boundaries and barriers are blended smoothly into the overall plan of the house.
  • The open floor plans keep the house airy, light and open – which are the main characteristics of the Contemporary Interior Design.

Contemporary Accents and Decor

  • Another major component of the contemporary interior design is the modern décor such as metallic accessories; metallic sculptures, wall hangings or roof hangings; modern lighting and open shelves for books and antique items.
  • The lighting plays a major role in giving the whole place a completely different look. The concealed lights and small lights installed in the floors impart a mystic look to the houses.
  • Even the open areas such as gardens, patio and roof sitting are lighted in such a manner that the place is transformed completely.

Technology and Interiors

  • The technology is used in such a manner that the spots that cannot be concealed otherwise are hidden well; such as the fireplaces, the Wi-Fi modems, etc.
  • The entertainment centres are designed in such a manner that the wires are not hanging out in open. The different units such as the gaming consoles, speakers, computer accessories and other hardware units are concealed in the cabinets or in some other manner.