10 Fantastic Modular Kitchen Designs by Greentech Interiors

Kochi is one of those places where urbanization is in progress and one can find numerous building projects that are well-established; are under construction and various other high-end residential and commercial projects. Given the presence of the high number of builders, there are a lot of Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi that deliver the highly professional and ergonomic kitchens; which are undoubtedly the most integral part of every kind of establishment. The following post comprises the Top 10 Modular Kitchen designs by Greentech Interiors that are the most reputed Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi.

So, here we go.

Vinyl Modular Kitchens

When it comes to the modular kitchens, the Vinyl Modular Kitchens are the most popular ones. The glossy and shiny cabinets that give a brilliant look and feel to the kitchen and are easy to clean and maintain make these kitchens really popular. Though the majority of Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi are installing and providing these kitchens, the Greentech Interiors is the best option because the quality is never compromised with; installation is done in the bespoke manner where the customer can decide the colours, the cabinets, the materials, the budget and everything to anything.

 Regular Modular Kitchens:

For the people preferring less shiny surfaces and having space limitations should go for the regular modular kitchens. The cabinets and countertops come with highly modular fittings and storage solutions that can provide really good storage even in a small space and can be of any colour and type. The general cabinet material is high-quality plywood and the countertops are in marble or stone. Extremely high-end modular kitchens that can serve all the purposes without putting any strain on the space available is what makes the Greentech Interiors the best Modular Kitchen Designer in Kochi.

Studio Apartments and Open Kitchen Plan:

These days, a number of people are favouring the studio apartments over the regular ones which gives rise to a new kind of kitchen plan that is modular and open. While designing such types of kitchens, it becomes absolutely necessary to have certain features that make the kitchen open; clutter-free; organized and of course a visual delicacy. The Greentech Interiors has designed and delivered amazing modular kitchens that come with brilliant storage solutions and appeal to the eye as well. With a space organization manner that houses everything and anything that is used in the Indian Kitchens, the Greentech Interiors are the best Modular Kitchen Designer in Kochi when it comes to the open kitchens for the studio apartments as well.

Fully furnished and Ultra-Modern Large Kitchens:

When it comes to design fully-furnished and well-equipped ultra-modern kitchens for the large establishments, such as bungalows, villas and mansions most of the Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi fail to provide a setting that is unique and different. Most of the Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi install the kitchens that are regular and don’t come with the same level of the sophistication and class as that of the space. From the make or brand of the gadgets and tools to the colours; cabinets; storage; accessories; plan; chimneys and windows to the overall effect on the eyes and utility – the Greentech Interiors deliver the best planned mammoth kitchens that are the best in every aspect.  

Be it crockery cases that are antique; renovated or restored old wooden pieces that have sentimental value to the family; amazing designs and plans that are best suited to the Indian Kitchen requirements and what not!

 Commercial Kitchens

There is a large difference between the residential and commercial kitchens. The commercial modular kitchens vary in every aspect such as materials; counters; organization; setting; storage; gadgets; utilities; refrigeration and many more things depending on the type and scales. From pantries in small offices; to the large office kitchens that provide meals for hundreds of employees; from the kitchens in malls that vary in terms of the food being cooked and countries to the kitchens in hotels that serve cooking place for different cuisines; from the commercial kitchens where cooking and packaging is done to the specific food chains that have specific modular kitchen requirements – the Greentech Interiors is the best among all the Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi for all kinds and types of kitchens.

Wooden Kitchens:

We, the South Indians have a deep love and adoration for the wood in every form; Right? Be it the houses; the furniture and even the kitchens – we love wood like anything which is why the best Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi provide the wooden modular kitchens as well. The doors of the cabinets and the other storage are done in wood and the modular fittings and storage is a perfect mix of wood and high-grade steel. Perfectly treated wood is durable and offers such a pleasing visual to all the eyes.

PVC Kitchens:

Another type of modular kitchens is the PVC Kitchen that comes with all the cabinets; counters and storage in PVC boards. These boards are durable, easy to clean and maintain; rust resistant; termite resistant; available in different colours and offer innumerable options for space designing and setting. The Greentech Interiors is one of the topmost Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi that excels in providing PVC modular Kitchens.

Ultra-modern Steel Kitchens:

For the people that don’t worry about the budgets and have a thing for the steel colour and steel itself; the ultra-modern steel kitchens are there. These kitchens have everything in the stainless steel. Counters; cabinets; doors; drawers; sinks; basins; taps; mixers and even the gadgets – everything is in steel. Greentech Interiors is one of those rare Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi that provide high-grade stainless steel modular kitchen settings and designs that come with a promise of quality and long-life.

Kitchen cum Dining Areas:

The kitchens that have an exposed or semi-exposed dining area have to be designed in a different manner. The sinks and cooking counter is to be hidden from the line of sight of the persons seated on the dining table and a decent view of the kitchen should be maintained as well. The crockery housings; storage essentials; tables; and other refrigerators should be installed keeping the fact in mind the dining table seating and clutter-free view.

Kitchen cum Small Seating:

These days, the kitchens with small seating provision are becoming really popular on the lines of the foreign kitchens where people can sit as well as cook on the different sides of the counter. Greentech Interiors provide seating solutions of all kinds such as bar stools; simple stools; table and chairs and ergonomic furniture etc. which makes them the leader of all the Modular Kitchen Designers in Kochi.

So, you’ve got the list. Just pick one and get yourself a new kitchen TODAY!!! For more information, please visit www.greentechinteriors.in.