Indian Home Interior Design Ideas: A Traditional Touch to Your Contemporary Home

If you have just accomplished the task of having your own home (built or bought) in Kochi, then one of the major things that must be going in your minds must be to find the best Kerala traditional home design that is affordable, resourceful, and, of course, experts at that. Earlier, people used to refrain from experimenting which meant that the whole process of traditional Kerala style interior design was left highly inflexible and the modern houses used to have modern interiors, and the traditional ones used to have everything traditional. However, with the advent of modern times, the homes are a perfect mix of traditional and modern elements as per one’s own preferences and style. The following post will be a collection of all such Indian home interior design ideas that are suggested by some of the best Traditional Kerala style home interior designers in Kochi and will comprise of the elements of both – modern and Kerala traditional home design styles.

Kerala Traditional house interior designers in Kochi – What do the experts say?

  • Gone are the days when homes used to be restricted by their ambiance. It is no longer essential to have only traditional and rustic home design and décor elements if your home is a traditional one or to just have modern furnishings if your home is a modern establishment.
  • A perfect mix of the traditional Kerala Style elements in your modern home will add to the overall charm and appeal and, of course, add to the aesthetics of the space is something the best Traditional Kerala style home interior designers in Kochi believe in.
  • Everybody wants to follow the traditional Kerala style interior design, but the definition of ‘THE BEST’ is different for every person. Hence, read and research on the internet and consult a few designers before finalizing the things. Touring the accomplished projects can also give you a better idea of the work done by them.

Indian Homes with the best of both – What and How:

Open and Airy Spaces:

The traditional Kerala style homes are open and airy. There is plenty of room for fresh and ventilation which is basically to keep the homes well ventilated and free of fungus and mold etc. The state of Kerala receives very heavy rainfall and owing to the coastal climate, the humidity can lead to fungus growth as well. Hence, having open spaces and good provisions for the natural air to come in, is one of the main ideas that is incorporated in traditional Kerala style interior design.

Natural Light and Courtyard Feel:

Another element of traditional home design is the open courtyard with plants such as Tulsi and Peepal with ample natural light and rooms arranged alongside. The round pillars of various shapes arranged across the length and breadth of the courtyard giving way to the verandah around which the rooms and kitchen etc are built are yet another important traditional element installed in different contemporary forms by the majority of Traditional Kerala style home interior designers in Kochi.

Small, yet distinct elements:

Traditional Kerala style home interior designers in Kochi aim to install certain aesthetic elements of rustic materials; such as original hardwood; big doors with religious motifs and carvings; big wooden chairs; wooden sofas without cushions and small worshipping places etc. to achieve the perfect mix of modernity and traditional style.

Religious themes in décor and furnishings:

Another crucial element that can help you to add a traditional touch to your modern home and is followed by most of the Traditional Kerala style home interior designers in Kochi is the religious-themed décor essentials and furnishings. The hanging bells; hanging diyas; big posters or canvas paintings of Gods and Goddesses and other religious figures; small temples in homes; Kovalam themed furnishings; colourful cushions arranged in an organized haphazard manner; wooden tiles on walls and floors; a wooden swing with a simple large wooden plank and highly contrasting deep coloured decor items, etc. – all of them can be installed in variations to deliver a traditional touch to any home.

Wood and wood everywhere:

Traditional Kerala home design architecture and décor uses wood heavily and employs it almost everywhere. From wall hangings to wardrobes with impressive and intricate carvings; big mirrors with artistic wooden frames; big planters with wooden racks; wooden chairs of traditional style and designs; wooden tables and sofas and dining essentials – all speak of traditional elegance and style that still has the capability to impress and enchant. The reputed and sophisticated Traditional Kerala style home interior designers in Kochi use wood to deliver that authentic and original traditional touch to the modern homes effortlessly.

Other elements of design and décor that can be used are:

  • Traditional and ethnic wall art or wall décor
  • Wooden staircase
  • Ethnic bed covers, cushions, and furnishings
  • Traditional style bath fittings in brass
  • Bedside ethnic aesthetics and décor items
  • Metallic beds or décor essentials
  • Metallic sofas with low backs and prim cushions

Well, like every other thing related to the design and décor, there is no limit to this list. Every person has a unique taste and set of requirements when it comes to choosing interior décor items and designing their homes. Make the best use of resources and investment and choose the Greentech Interiors – the best, yet affordable Traditional Kerala style home interior designers in Kochi.