Top 10 Open Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Houses

The kitchen used to be given the least importance during earlier days. Resulting in stuffed kitchen space and lack of availability for keeping utensils, fridge, and other electric equipment and other necessary items. Concepts changed with time. New technologies and architectural ideas have been invented to meet space requirements and properly arrange items in the kitchen.

Here, we are discussing the top 10 open kitchen design ideas for small houses. You may not be a professional interior designer or architect. However, the broad idea about the modern modular kitchen styles will help you during discussions concerning open kitchen designs for your home. Everything you install in the kitchen including the lights, cupboards, shelves, and other arrangements will determine the appearance of the kitchen, It is, therefore, ideal to approach an experienced and established interior design agency for the designing of the kitchen. 

Open Kitchen with Central Island

The central portion has a sink with storage space arranged at the bottom portion. The central island can also have a sink. Storage cabinets can be mounted on the wall. This type of open modular kitchen design provides a spacious feel even if the space is limited as no walls are separating the kitchen from the remaining part of the home. You can choose suitable lighting and shades that will augment the looks.

L-Shaped Kitchens

This is a method for optimum utilization of the space. By designing the kitchen in L-shape, the unused space could be methodically explored for the storage of items, keeping electrical appliances and other equipment.

Two-Shaded Kitchens

This is a tricky method to make the kitchen look spacious and interior designers have been using this whilst designing kitchens of small houses. Mostly, the lower portion of the kitchen will be painted dark and the upper portion with a light shade. Thus, making the brain to think that the kitchen has more space than what it has.

U-Shaped Kitchens

This type of design looks elegant with adequate space even for large electric and electronic appliances. Although you will find the kitchen as a separate area, it will merge beautifully with the surrounding space. Thereby, amplifying the exquisiteness of the house.

Kitchen with a Divider

A simple island-like structure or an exclusively designed cabinet can divide the kitchen space from the dining area. Those in the kitchen can constantly interact with family members, during cooking. It has been one of the popular kitchen design ideas for a long.

Kitchen with Specially Designed Entrance

You can ask the designer to consider this option if you want to add additional artworks and design elements in the door, kitchen cabinets, and other areas. By selecting an impeccable colour combination, you are going to have an impressive kitchen. Check out this type of designs and choose the colour combo that will suit your house and is according to your tastes.

Traditional Concept Open Kitchen

This type of kitchen can be informal or informal. The designers can design the traditional type of open kitchen according to your tastes and expectations. This can have specifically earmarked areas for cooking, cleaning, and cutting.

Commercial Type Open Kitchen

Aesthetically designed kitchen area as if in a restaurant will give a different feel to the inhabitants and guests. A dining bar may be arranged amplifying the appearance. It is advisable to use a single shade to give a commercial feel.

Natural Kitchen

Integrate natural elements into your kitchen to make it livelier. Choosing the right type of plants and other elements will add to the liveliness. It will give you an energetic feel.

Contemporary Kitchen

This kitchen design will feature color shades, textured granites, or other surface elements matching with the living room. The fluidity and ornate detailing features will augment the feel and appearance of a contemporary kitchen. You may discuss with the interior designer to know more about contemporary kitchen designs.

The world is changing, along with that, the concepts, thoughts, and perceptions. There are excellent professional interior designers, who will brainstorm your choices and design accordingly. 

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