9 Simple Ways To Transform Your Living Room Into a Mini Beach

Best Escape Anyone Can Have. That explains what a beach is. And home is where we always want to get back to. So why not try combining them both. So that you could stay and escape to the best place on earth at the same time. Then comes the relevance of converting your living room into a mini beach. This is not a heavy task for living room interior designers. Making certain changes in your living room would help you get the beach ambiance within your home. 

Learn some tips to design a living room with a beach theme

Decide your Design

Decide about how far you can go to create a mini beach within your living room. Plan whether you need a slight beach effect or you wish to bring about a complete coastal feeling to your indoor. A slight beach effect would require certain alterations in the furniture. Whereas if you wish to create an entire beach vibe within your room, you may have to consider changing colour elements, lightings, and so on. 

Let the Light come in

A beach effect always let the daylight in abundance. So when you create a beach-like atmosphere within your house, make sure that you allow enough natural light into the room. This can be done by using light curtains or keeping the windows open. Make maximum use of the skylight. 

Use gentle light at night.

Nights can be decorated with gentle and low lights, preferably the string lights which would light up your living room like that of a beach. Using candle lights would also impart a beach effect. But be sure to have an alternative option in case of the room being used for reading or writing purposes.

Select the ideal colour 

When you plan for altering your living room into a complete coastal living room, it is better to go with a colour that matches the coastal atmosphere. As the beach is surrounded by blue, that would be the first and best choice to go with. Blue can be dark or turquoise and a pinch of white too can be accommodated while deciding the colour of your room. If you appreciate contrasting colours, you could include bold wooden furniture which would go well with the blue colour imparted to the room. 

Furniture and Rugs

Dark woven chairs and cushions with a blue touch can be added to the furniture list as they would go hand in hand with the colour of the room. You can go with a sandy rug that would give you a beach reminder. Outdoor furniture can also be included while creating a beach ambiance. You can find space for a couple of lounging chairs in your outdoors. It is ideal to use folding chairs so that you need not to worry about a shortage of space.

Let air come in

To make your room airier is equally important as the lighting. Keeping windows open would let the breeze come in and this would give you a feel similar to what you experience while at a beach. The blue furniture around you would let you experience the exact sea ambiance.

Add accessories for your mini beach

Certain properties that are connected with the sea can be included while decorating your living room. Portraits of sea habitats and bowls of shells would account for giving a beach-like feel to your living room. It would be better if everything you select to arrange your mini beach has an oceanic touch. Another easier way to give your room a beach touch is to include properties that would remind you of things you see while sailing. This can be the ship’s wheel, paddles, and a nautical telescope.

Give a sand glow

Water is not the only beautiful element that you can find at a beachside. Sand contributes equally to enhance the beauty of the beach. Sand has an energy that would let you enjoy the calmness around with a peaceful mind. You can bring about sandy elements to your living room which would make your conversion quite easier. 

The Wall Art

A very important add on to the coastal living room is wall art. The wall paintings that match the colour of the room would let the walls look filled without much empty space. These can be paintings that connect with the beach.

Beach is all about the sky above, sand below, and peace within. Converting your living room into a mini beach would let you enjoy the peace sitting at your favourite spot at home. In a place like Kerala, you may take the help of talented living room interior designers to create a beautiful mini beach within your living room. Kerala interior designers who are packed with creativity would help you explore the beauty of a beach, sitting in your living room.