Top 5 Living Room Lighting Ideas


Are you thinking of improving the lighting arrangement of your house? Or have you just bought a new house? In the latter case, you will have to think of decorating your living room from afresh. If you are a businessman, then the living room of your house is a very important part of your business, as a lot of meetings may happen in the living room. When guests come to visit your house, then the living room is the place where they will sit, chat and have snacks. Some people arrange house parties in their living room. However, the living room has to be quite large to cater to the huge number of guests coming to the party.

Top 5 Living room Lighting Ideas

  1. Hang Chandeliers-When the thought of hanging chandelier comes to anybody’s mind, they generally think of the huge ornamental chandeliers, which are generally available in the museums or antique houses. Therefore, a lot of people drop the idea of buying a chandelier. However, if you check the showrooms of quite a number of interior designers, then you will see the variety of chandeliers available for modern day living rooms. These chandeliers are really ideal for having a formal business meeting or a party at home. One of the common chandeliers are solitaire glass chandeliers which look equally good for holding a small party for a few guests or having a meeting at home. To go through more such modern day chandeliers to light up your living room in Kochi, you can contact Greentechinteriors. They have a lot of experienced designers who can revamp your living room to suit the modern day requirements.
  2. Table Lamps-Since living rooms can be quite small, therefore depending on the size of your living you should think of placing table lamps. If your living room is just as big as to cater four people at most then one small table lamp will suffice. If your living room is as big as a small hall room, then you can buy three table lamps for the room. For a moderately big room, two is enough. The table lamps can be placed by the side of the wall connected to the main door or it can be placed at the sides of the sofa or even in the middle of the sofas or at the side of a coffee table.
  3. Lanterns-These can be ideal for both formal meetings and a family get together. Just like chandeliers, these days you would get modern lanterns in any well reputed decorator organization. Some lanterns can be hung down from the wall. You can keep a lantern beside the coffee table or a fire place(in case of a big living room). You can also keep one or two lanterns just above your living room cupboard. Always remember that these lights are mainly meant for decoration. Therefore, you will not have as much light as a table lamp or a wall light. However, these lights change the look of the room for better.
  4. Pendant Lamps-Speaking of having more light, you can keep a big pendant lamp just in the middle of the room. If your room is quite big, then two pendant lamps can be installed. These lamps come in various shapes and sizes. Your interior designer will be able to choose the right one for your house. If you stay in Kochi, then you can contact Greentechinteriors, for the suitable decoration. They will choose the right kind of pendant lamp or lantern for your house. Generally these lamps are hung above the sofa seats, where you are supposed to sit with your guests and have a chat.
  5. Decorative wall scones-These are very common and found in almost any house. You can keep 3-6 wall scones depending on the size of your living room. You can choose an antique wall scone for your room. In that case keep the pendant lamp or chandelier of modern design to make a contrast. If you choose the style of both the pieces to be primitive, then your room will look more medieval. However, these days, people try to give a look that is modern yet has a touch of primitive style to it. Therefore, having contrasting lights will be best for the living room.


Whatever light you choose for your living room, don’t overdo it. A living room becomes lively if there is some subtlety to it. In order to do that you should keep a contrast of bright and dim lights, modern and old styles of lighting. All these should be done keeping the size of the rooms in mind. Along with this, you should take the advice of the best interior decorators in Kochi, that is, Greentechinteriors, who can make your living room have design, style, art and life in it.