Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas For Indian Homes: Feel The Freshness After The Bath

Are you unhappy with your current bathroom scenario where everything is haphazardly put? And do you feel as if you are standing in a cramped and soggy place, every time you use it?

If your answer is yes, then we have got some really amazing tips to reorganize your bathroom. Irrespective of the size of your bathroom, you can keep it organized, pretty, and clean by just following the following tips. You might get some frowns on your lovely faces as shopping for essentials is involved, but don’t fret as most of the edits suggested by us are highly affordable and you can easily opt for them.

So, here we go!!

Corners that are wall-mounted

Corner storage that is wall-mounted is your lifesaver in a bathroom of every size. But if you have a cramped bathroom, then having a regular corner cabinet will make things worse only.

Hence, you should opt for the open corner shelves that can be used to house almost everything and will also save the bathroom floor from getting crowded up.

Small Caddies for housing the daily essentials

corner shelves

There are many things that are used on a daily basis in the bathrooms such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, face wash, hand cleanser, sanitizer, lotions, oils, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, clips, and many more such things. Be intelligent and buy a small caddy to house all these things in one place near the washbasin slab or shelf or cabinet. If you want, you can also use a tiered storage rack that can be used to house each and everything that belongs to the bathroom.

Soap Dishes placed on a wall-mounted shelf system

Instead of placing the soap dish on the floor, hang some wall mounted shelf system at a low height and put the soap dish on it after bathing. Your floor will feel spacious and your soap will be dry and clean after each usage. This is one of the best and the foremost things you must do to keep your bathrooms clean, as soggy soap is something that all of us hate; right?

Modern ladder shelves

ladder shelves

Instead of having a cabinet system for housing towels, essentials and undergarments, use the modern ladder shelves that are also available in the over-the-toilet models in which the space over the commode is utilized.

You can place anything and everything on the ladder shelves and make the bathroom seem spacious and unique in an instant. You can easily buy them online and offline.

Shower Dispenser

bathroom shower

Just like the soap dispenser in which you put the liquid soap for washing hands all the time, install some wall mounted shower dispenser and put the shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap or bathing gel in it.

There are many models in a transparent finish that come with 3 to 4 partitions and can be installed on the wall near the shower. You can easily see the amount that is left and doesn’t have to shake the bottles to know how much is left.

Further, you don’t have to store so many different bottles and tubes of odd shapes that are difficult to organize.

Drawers with partitions

If you have a classic drawer style storage in your bathroom, you should make some partitions in it and keep everything in a designated space.

You can also use the partitions to house all bathroom supplies and essentials as well.

Baskets to the Rescue

Hang some wicker baskets of medium size on the wall by using nails to give your bathroom instant shelves that can be repositioned, are cheap, easy to clean, and don’t require much effort to install.

Wicker baskets can be hung on the walls easily and will not fall down as well.

Storage behind the door

Instead of hanging clothes behind the door and making it tacky and unsightly, you should utilize the space to hang some small wire baskets for storing essentials such as towels, make-up pouches; bath essentials, bathroom supplies, etc.

Lazy Susan or Twist and Pick circular baskets

There are these amazing circular baskets that can be rotated or twisted to pick the desired bottle or tube or any other thing housed in it and keeps everything together.

One lazy susan can make your cluttered space organized and modern.

These are some of the stylish bathroom design ideas, which are suitable for homes in India. So, what are you waiting for?? Choose any one of these ideas and consult the best interior designers to
transformation your bathroom.