Best POP Ceiling Interior Design Ideas For Home Decoration

POP or Plaster of Paris is a highly popular option to beautify homes all over the world. It allows you to experiment with the walls, windows, doors, and ceiling of your home and is highly affordable and customizable. You can colour it in any shade and get any sort of design done in it. It is available in powdered form and is mixed with different materials, such as water, nets, mesh and cement, etc to create wonderful designs in various parts of a building. POP moldings and borders around windows and door frames are also one of popular decor styles.

One of its most common uses is the false ceiling that is done over the normal ceiling to give it a different shape and appearance. The false ceiling is getting highly popular these days and is one of the most crucial parts of home décor. People get them done in various colours, with or without lights, with or without fixtures, MDF sheets, boards, and PVC, etc to enhance the overall aesthetics of their homes.

Here, we are going to share some of the best ways to decorate your house with POP ceiling designs.

If you are planning to renovate or refurbish your home to give it a good makeover, or you are looking for small changes that can completely alter the way your home looks now, then read the following tips and make the most of your efforts.

List of POP Ceiling Interior Design Ideas you can adopt in your home

1.   Plain False Ceiling in Solid Colours with Concealed Lights

The modern and minimalistic décor is free from all the intricate patterns and calls for reinventing of POP ceiling styles. If you are looking for some effortless styles, then go for a plain overall false ceiling look that looks just like a regular ceiling, and get some concealed lights installed within. For best results, you must colour this false ceiling in a solid colour that contrasts or go well with the other ambient colours in your home or room.

2.   False Ceiling with lights in Corners

Simple and sleek designs are in trend these days, be it the false ceiling or be it the overall décor. So, we recommend getting your false ceilings designed in simple shapes, or plain borders. To uplift the look, you can install lights in the corners. You can opt for different coloured lights, or lights that change colours over time or based on activity, such as voice commands. If you want to have a quirky design, you can opt for a contrast coloured false ceiling. Otherwise, the neutral palette is your best bet.

3.   Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings have a central portion suspended in the middle or side of the room and covered by borders or running columns of POP on the sides. This is one of the most popular designs of false ceilings and is generally done with lights and hidden speakers to enhance the aesthetics or uplift the overall appeal. If you are planning to have them, then we recommend consulting a reputed architect or interior decorators to ensure that the size of the Suspended ceiling suits the size of your room.

As you have a central type of setting in this design, you can hang chandeliers, fans, and other decorative items from the ceiling easily.

Why choose POP false ceilings?

POP false ceilings deliver uniform light distribution in the entire area and instantly uplift the style and design of your room. Further, the POP paste can be molded into any shape and any size. Hence, it allows you endless customization freedom and ease of installation. Also, it can be painted, coloured, and tinted as you wish. So, you can get any type of design done.

Colour combinations that you can choose for POP false ceiling

While there is no end to the choices, if you need some ideas for the colour combinations, to make your false ceiling look different, then take a look at the following tips.

 Warm and cozy Home: Mustard yellow and white and nude palette.

Quirky design: Perky colours, such as orange, purple, candy pink, red or yellow.

For white walls and homes with neutral interiors: Turquoise.

Wall décor with POP: Crown molding with dark shade borders

Classic appearance: Ebony or ivory colours

Miscellaneous Things to Know during
POP ceiling

 The POP ceiling must be done before paint and installation of other things

  • You must shift in your home after getting the POP work done
  • You must cover the floors with proper padding and chemical base to avoid scratches and breakage of floor tiles owing to falling-off of equipment and POP work
  • If you are planning to get the POP work done on walls and door or window frames, it is advisable to install the windows, glasses, and doors after it is done.
  • Finally, as POP work is surely going to lead to droppings and dust, it is advisable to cover the non-removable furniture with sheets and coverings to avoid damage.

Finally, you must consult a reputed décor company to get the best design and colour options and to make the most of your investment.

We hope that our post is helpful to all our readers and they draw thoughtful takeaways from here. For more tips and expert guidance, please leave your comments in the section below.

Thanks for reading!