Tips To Transform A Traditional Home Into A Contemporary One

Do you live in a traditional home but love modern design? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. People nowadays are increasingly changing their traditional homes into more contemporary ones. If you’ve always wanted to do it but have no idea how you’ve come to the correct place. Here are a few tips to transform a traditional home into a contemporary one:

Declutter, declutter, and declutter

Taking everything out of the room and bringing one item back in at a time is the simplest approach to updating your traditional home. Examine each object as you return it to the room to see if it is a good addition or if it adds to the clutter.

When it comes to modern design, less is more. On any horizontal surface, you don’t require accessories. Items on top of your kitchen cabinets or bookcase are unnecessary.

Rethink your color palette

Neutrals, white, and black are the colors most commonly associated with contemporary homes. These are sometimes supplemented by bright and vivid colors to generate contrast and play off the neutrals.
There’s a reason why these colors are so popular in modern homes: with a neutral background, you don’t have to worry about your bold-colored accessories clashing. If, on the other hand, you decide that neutral walls aren’t for you and decide to paint at least one of them a vivid color, neutrals should be applied throughout the rest of the room.

Update your light fixtures

Replace elaborate fixtures and ancient, hefty track lighting. In your kitchen or dining room, try a new contemporary pendant or chandelier. Recessed lighting fixtures have improved in efficiency and size. If you want to install clean, white trim and improve the energy economy of your recessed fixture, LED retrofit fixtures like this HALO one is a wonderful option. If you’re replacing existing lights, double-check the size you’ll need.

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Embrace simple contemporary furnishings

In general, clean and simple contemporary or modern furnishings are a good tool for infusing a sense of modern life into a traditional home without making the two styles clash. Look for rich textures, clear lines, and gentle hues that aren’t overly trendy or constrained by stuffy old trappings.

Replace your windows

This is an example of a change that affects both the interior and exterior of the home — for example, if you have single hung windows, you should consider replacing them with casement windows.
While you’re at it, change the look of the backdoor to something more contemporary. What about storefront-style aluminum insulated glass windows that extend from floor to ceiling? It not only gives your home a more modern appearance, but it also allows more natural light to enter.

Keep textiles light

Heavy curtains were once the height of fashion, but modern window coverings are much lighter. In fact, all the textiles in modern spaces are usually airy, light, and impactful. Light linen and cotton, rather than heavy brocade or floral, help to refresh a home. Examine the linens and fabrics in your home and you’ll notice that it’s a simple, low-cost change that makes a significant effect. Substitute linen shades or bright blinds for heavy drapes. Swap out your overstuffed cushions and furniture for sleek pieces with graphic prints that highlight the design of your furniture.

Remove the tassels and frills

Let’s face it: frills and tassels are out of style, and your entire wardrobe will look better without them. Remove those with a pair of scissors or fully replace the fabrics that feature them to bring your materials into the current age. Bring your house up to date. Tassels and frills are permissible only if they are included on your pillowcases; otherwise, make sure they have a modern design: modern patterns and designs, modern fabrics.

Upgrade Hardware and Faucets

When it comes to changing old homes to modern homes, outdated cabinet hardware and faucets are a wonderful place to start. It’s simple to do on your own, but it’s bold enough to make a difference. This is a one-weekend effort that will pay off handsomely. Look for sleek designs and modern finishes, and consider painting cabinets and installing a backsplash if you want to go all out.

Pay attention to the bathroom’s floors, showers, and vanities

There are numerous methods to give a bathroom a more modern appearance. Choose a vanity cabinet that is wall-mounted and allows the flooring to extend beneath it. Choose a tile with a unique shape, such as a rectangular plank, and repeat the pattern in the shower.

Even if your house is built in a traditional style, that doesn’t mean you have to decorate it in the same way your mother did. You can go beyond architecture with a more streamlined, minimal, and bold look if you embrace a more modern perspective. With a contemporary house, you will finally have the tranquil, peaceful environment you’ve been waiting for. If you’re ready to modernize and simplify your house, Greentech Interiors is here to assist you and will gladly walk you through the process.