Top Interior Design Trends That Will Be Seen In 2022

Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to start thinking about interior design trends for 2022. With two challenging years behind us, we must build a house that we can call our own. It’s critical to select furniture, decor, and finishes that will not seem old next year, whether you’re moving to a new house, renovating your present one, or simply considering either of these options.

In this post you will find the top interior design trends that will be seen in 2022:

Top Interior Design Trends in 2022

Curved lines 

The angular, geometric shapes that were prominent in previous years are being replaced by softer, waiver lines in furniture, patterns, and architecture. Pinterest’s interior design trends in the 2022 forecast report singled out curves, citing strong increases in search interest for curved walls and living room furniture over the previous year. Soft lines, arcs, and curves may now be found in a wide range of furniture collections from a variety of merchants.

Warm neutrals

Long-time favourites that offer a clean, contemporary aesthetic are crisp whites, steely greys, and other chilly neutrals, but tastes are beginning to shift in a warmer direction. Warmer colour palettes will resurface, with a modest return to creams, beiges, and nudes. Expect to see these soothing neutrals—along with richer, earthier hues like camel, taupe, and rust—applied to walls, upholstery, and other furniture to create a warm, welcoming environment. In addition to these more traditional hues, blush will become a go-to neutral. To warm up a space and create a joyful mood, use tan or taupe shades with gentle pink undertones.

Biophilic design

After more than two years of being cooped up indoors, there has been — and will continue to be — a focus on regaining our connection to the natural world through the use of biophilic design principles, which means a focus on creating calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants, and creating a visual connection with nature.

Natural materials

Nature is one of the major elements in 2022’s home design trends. Natural-material furniture and decor are a simple way to give your home a more natural appearance. Choose things made with responsibly sourced materials.

Dedicated private spaces

For the past couple of years, we’ve been quarantined at home with roommates or family members, which has taught us the value of privacy. Creating a separate private place at home can assist you and your living companions in scheduling quiet time.

This sensation of privacy and serenity can be achieved via meditation nooks, floating art walls, hanging curtains, and other methods.

Antique and vintage furniture and décor

In the home trends for 2022, expect to see more vintage and antique furnishings and decor. Vintage shopping is a terrific way to make your home more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, vintage and antique furnishings add a lot of character to the interior of your home.

Elevated Outdoor Furniture

As we spend more time entertaining outside, outdoor furniture will become more sophisticated and elegant, and our patios will become real extensions of our indoor décor.

Traditional details

In 2022, traditional elements will make a major comeback. With so much change in the world over the last several years, it’s no surprise that people are yearning for a sense of comfort, timelessness, or even nostalgia in their homes. This new year is all about paying homage to our roots, with pattern mixing, skirted or flanged furniture, and antique pieces. And we couldn’t be more pleased!

Grandmillennial decor

The highly trendy grandmillennial concept gained traction in 2021. Millennials can’t get enough of the old-school maximalist trend, which includes ruffles, chintz, tassels, and toile wallpaper, and we expect to see it intensify this year. The grandmillennial movement also allows for nostalgia and style inquiry.

Multifunctional spaces

We can expect kitchens and large walk-in closets to continue to act as temporary offices. With clever shelves, space-saving features, and optimised corners, many open-plan kitchens will continue to transform into alternative workspaces. Kitchen nooks are expected to become more popular as pleasant work-from-home choices. Working in the living room can also be done in large walk-in closets.

Plenty of marble

Bold, heavy marbles have made their way into the design world and are here to stay. There will be a lot of rustic, rough and fresh slabs in the interior design—and you can never have too much marble.

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