The Top Kitchen Design Trends to Look Out For in 2023

Sprucing up the kitchen interiors is definitely something that needs to be looked onto. When it comes to interior design, it is always the living room that gets the attention at all times. But, homeowners these days give all due preference to kitchens and include that aspect of the home to blend in well with the overall theme decided for the home. In 2023, the design trends have taken different courses by incorporating bold trends and technologies. Along with meeting the theme and trends, 2023 is also trying to bring in better functionality into the kitchen design.

This blog specifically focuses on bringing into your consideration of the new kitchen design trends of 2023. 

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2023

1. Add in More Hue

For a very long time, kitchens have been a space where only subtle colours were used. The neutral colours were used to help the room to easily blend in with the overall theme of the entire home. In 2023, we are putting an end to the cliche white and dull colours and bringing in more exciting colours into the kitchen decor. Fatter hues are brought into the kitchen design trends of 2023 which makes the kitchen a happy space with peppy vibes. Adapting these colours are not just limited to the kitchen walls but on the flooring of the room. The design trend is now to add in colours along with whites like by alternating flamboyant colours with white. Blue and green and the associated shades are more put into use for getting a nature inspired look. 

2. Extended Kitchen Spaces

Open kitchens have been the choice of many homeowners for the last few years. This concept additionally requires the kitchen to blend in easily with the rest of the home. So, the idea of making a kitchen with extended reach enters the market in 2023. Kitchen designs now include not just the kitchen bay but also expand themselves to include pantry rooms, small dining spaces, additional storage spaces, and also connect themselves to other parts of the home like the living room or even the patio. The idea is to have a kitchen space that flows into other spaces of different functionalities without a hiccup, which will enhance the overall outlook of the home.

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3. Creative Cabinetries

Homeowners these days are asking their interior designers to make their kitchen space look like a secluded space with no visible cabinets and make it obvious as a kitchen. It has given rise to making the cabinets in the kitchen more concise and creative. The kitchen cabinet designs come in more sophisticated colours and designs and in unexpected colour shades. Many cabinets are also designed to remain hidden or even have specific hideouts for appliances like microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. This newly adapted design helps cover up the usual messes in the kitchen and make it easier for cleaning and a sustainable flow in the kitchen.

4. Let There Be More Light

The kitchen trends in 2023 are attempting to make the kitchen space more open and light-filled. It has been in the works for a long time and is here to stay, as it will give the illusion of more space in the kitchen. Huge windows and subtle hues can help set this illusion straight. Expansive windows will undoubtedly be the highlight of kitchen design trends of 2023. Windows are now designed to integrate into pocket walls or doors that open into indoor or outdoor living spaces. Adding in more windows and doors is the new key to sustainability. It will also add a subtle glow to the room. The colours and layout are classic and will stand the test of time. 

5. Double Islands Are the New Single Must-Have

Islands have always been a craze when it comes to open kitchen island layouts. It comes with the added benefit of storage space. But how? One island can be essentially used as a preparatory space, and the other can be placed as a space where the guests can gather around and possibly look at the cooking as an art show or pitch their efforts in. This additional island tabletop can eliminate the need to put in a small dining area in the kitchen and also help create a lot of storage space as cabinets under the tabletop. The double island can also provide extra space to lay out the dishes and create a friendly gap between the kitchen counters, which will give the homerunner quite enough space for themselves and make sure that no one interferes with their cooking. 

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6. Organic Elements

It has been a constant effort to bring earthy elements or anything that relates to nature into the kitchen design. The saga continues now, even in 2023, in the form of natural stone countertops, wooden cabinetry, eco-friendly fixtures, etc. Quartz will always be in  when it comes to countertops, but people are now more experimental and are trying different other stones, like marble, and stones that add more colour to the countertops. With the green movement in place, homeowners have expressed interest in replacing plastic in many accessories like wooden and glass bowls, steel trash bins, glass containers, and so on.

7. Touches of Traditional Style

Even with the modern designs getting traction amongst people, some of them are looking forward to welcoming back the traditional elements into the kitchen designs. Classic beaded insets are bound to make an entry back into kitchen cabinet designs. Custom cabinet hoods and statement colours are now going to be more prevalent in kitchen design trends of 2023. The intention is also to bring in the old, traditional hand-me-downs and honour them effectively. Using dinnerware as wall decor is some of the ways to incorporate the traditional style into the modern, contemporary kitchen design.

8. Smart Technology

Smart technology adds a different flair to the kitchen interiors, and this creates a very modern approach to the kitchen and makes it more functional. The technology will be used in different ways, such as appliances that can be operated using WiFi, smart faucets that sense the need for water and when dishes are placed in the sink, voice-activated appliances, etc. These smart appliances can help conserve energy and save time.

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