Top Easy To Clean Bathroom Designs

If you have just bought a house or an apartment, then you must be thinking of designing the walls and floor of your bathroom. The main problem with the designing of walls of a bathroom is that no matter what color you choose, the walls become dirty quite early. The main reason is that the water in which we bathe or wash clothes in the bathroom is basically hard water. The hard water leaves some stains after use that remains on the walls, no matter how many times you wash it. My personal experience says that not even black texture tiles can save the day and even such tiles look dirty after a mere 3 months of riveting them on the walls of the bathroom. Here are some tips to avoid such difficulties and have easy to clean bathroom designs.

Marble Floors-Marble floors are much better than tiles and they are easily cleaned. There are various colors of marble floors available, for example, black or yellow or brown. In my opinion, black or brown or even white will suit the bathroom floors and walls. However, you will have to clean white floors more often than black or brown ones. Brown marble walls will look really good behind the showers. If your bathroom has a shower, then you will notice that the walls attached to the shower pipe gradually getting pale yellow or white in color. This is due to the deposits of hard water on the walls. Although you cannot prevent these deposits just by changing the stones of your walls and floors, you will be able to clean them much easier if the walls and floors are made of marble. In fact, the deposits don’t stick to marble floors as much as it does to tiles. You can apply tough floor cleaners on marble, which is a good thing. A lot of people don’t like keeping tiles in the bathroom floors or walls as these tiles are very sensitive to tough floor cleaners. As bathroom floors contain microbes and many germs, it needs tough cleaning, the floor works must be done with a stone that can withstand the adverse effects of the floor cleaners.

Exhaust Fan-Now supposes you don’t want to revamp the floors of your bathroom. It might happen that you have already invested a lot on the floor tiles and now it will be really difficult for you to rip off the floor and apply a new design to it. In that case, you can install an exhaust fan in your bathroom. A lot of toxin vapors will be sucked out of the bathroom due to the exhaust fan. One of the reasons that the colors of the tiles of the walls change is the coagulation of the vapors or toxin substances. If the exhaust fans are run in the bathrooms regularly, your tiles will remain free of such deposits and you will be able to clean it in a better manner.

Apply larger tiles on the floors– The more the number of tiles of your bathroom floor or wall, the more will be the number of grouts and therefore the more effort you will need to clean the tiles. The more you have tiles, the more dirt gets clogged in the spaces and this dirt gets packed up for a long amount of time, making cleaning of the walls and floors a mammoth task. If your tiles are large in size, then the grout area will be minimized and therefore, you will have to spend lesser time cleaning the bathroom. You need to instruct the architect of your house to customize the floor tiles of your bathroom according to your need and slice them quite big before riveting. Sometimes architects style the room at their own will. Some of my friends complain, that they wanted to give larger tiles to their bathroom and yet their hired architect was reluctant to do so. You can hire people from Greentechinteriors so that they will listen to you and customize the bathroom according to your needs and specifications.


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