Tips for maintaining wooden furniture

Furniture adds beauty to your home. Whether it be your living room or kitchen, furniture works its charm anywhere. A home appears incomplete without its presence. Most of the people prefer wooden furniture. They are not just beautiful but are easy to maintain. But they demand maintenance as well. You cannot take the risk of treating it in an unworthy manner. If proper care is not taken, wooden furniture of your home will lose its look. Interior furniture designers in Kochi can help you out in knowing ways to maintain your furniture. Some of the points for doing so are mentioned below.

  1. How to shop? All wooden furniture look similar but they are very different from one another. Some furniture might be comfortable for you while some might be not. Some might appear shiny but maintaining them might be a tough task. It is you who should determine what kind of furniture will serve your purpose. Also, keep in mind to select the one which would be easy to clean. Check every part of the furniture. Take the vendor’s advice while selecting. He will let you know about how to maintain the furniture you wish to take home. Also, remember that wood comes in varied qualities as well. Pick up a piece of furniture which is made of the best quality wood. Such furniture has a long life.
  2. Clean your wooden furniture: The first step to be taken when it comes to maintaining your wooden furniture is its cleaning. Wooden furniture attracts dust. Sometimes the dust might escape your eyes but it will dull the appearance of the furniture. Therefore, it is better to clean wooden furniture from time to time. So, how are you supposed to clean it? Well, the process is simple. You can use water, warm water preferably. Or, you can go with a mild soap. There are various soaps available for wooden furniture. Select any one. Remember not to go harsh on the furniture. Rub it gently and remove the dirt particles. Use a towel made of soft material to dry off the remnants of water.
  3. Dusting: You cannot use water and soap every day to clean your wooden furniture. But you can dust them regularly. You can use a simple cotton cloth for dusting. Or, you can select from the several duster wands available for wooden furniture. Either way, remember your furniture will look good only when you attend to its needs properly. 
  4. Oiling: Your furniture needs oiling to survive. Just like any other equipment, wooden furniture also gets old. With time, it starts losing its beauty. To maintain the charm of your wooden furniture, apply furniture oil. There are many options available. Purchase one. And apply the oil carefully on the furniture’s surface. Allow the oil to sit on the furniture. This would take up to 15 minutes. Oiling will give your wooden furniture the new-as-ever look. 
  5. Use wax: Merely removing the dust particles isn’t enough. You would be wanting your furniture to appear shiny and pleasing. This can be achieved by following a simple procedure. Purchase wax for your wooden furniture. After dusting, sit patiently and apply the wax on your furniture. It adds a protective layer to the furniture. Moreover, it helps the furniture to attain a glossy look. Repeat the process every three months or so.
  6. Say no to sunlight: Wooden furniture loses their charm if they are exposed to sunlight. Place the wooden furniture away from areas that receive sun rays directly. The furniture might start having spots. The shine of the wood will start fading. Also, wooden furniture is prone to shrinking due to sunlight. If that happens, your wooden furniture will start revealing cracks too. Thus, it is better to take precautions beforehand. 
  7. Heat: Just like sunlight, wooden furniture cannot bear heat from any other source too. Your house might be having a fireplace or other heating units. It is great to feel the warmth during winters. But your wooden furniture would not want the heat. As mentioned earlier, heat allows the wood to shrink. Shrinking wood leads to the formation of cracks. You will have to say goodbye to your wooden furniture if that happens. Hence, it is recommended to place wooden furniture away from any heating vent. It will ensure a long life of your wooden furniture. 
  8. Sharp-edged objects: There are many sharp objects which you might be using daily. From a food knife to scissors, you cannot avoid their usage. However, your wooden furniture can sustain scratches due to them. You would have thin white lines on the furniture which appears awful. This happens when your wooden furniture is exposed to the harshness of a sharp-edged object. You can prevent this by placing sharp-edged objects away from wooden furniture. You can build separate cabins for storing sharp objects. Place them in the cabins after their work is done. This way your wooden furniture will remain safe.
  9. Spots on the furniture: Your wooden furniture might be your go-to space. You would be enjoying a cup of coffee sitting on it. Or, watching your favourite sitcom having pizza. But what if you spill coffee on it? Do not worry. Your wooden furniture is easy to maintain. You can use some simple tricks to clean the mess. Do not start rubbing the spot harshly. Instead, use some cooking oil or a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste. Apply the paste gently and gently rub it off using a cotton towel or something similar. Then use some water to remove any kind of adhesiveness which might have remained. Your wooden furniture is clean as new.

Your home remains beautiful only when you start caring for it. Each part of your home needs attention. If you do not attend to the demands of your house, it will appear messy and unattractive. The same goes for the wooden furniture in your house. You did not buy them to just place them anywhere. You bought them so that they can add to the exquisiteness of your home. This is possible only when the simple steps as mentioned above are followed. You can also take the assistance of interior furniture designers in Kochi. They know how important it is to maintain a wooden furniture. They will make the process simple for you. 

The maintenance of wooden furniture seems a tough task but in reality, it is not. It is not even time-consuming. You just need to spend half an hour or so every day on dusting them. Other steps are needed to be taken care of in every 2-3 months. Your house will remain the way you make it. Choose your wooden furniture wisely. Clean them regularly or at least on alternate days. Apply wax and oil whenever needed. These easy tips will help you make your home the dream home you always wanted.