Top Creative Bookshelf Designs

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Literature has always given the heart a residence in the realm of the mystical. It has the power to help you experience the most profound emotions which the characters bring to you. Books will always be man’s best friend. Give the world of literature space in your home. With designs that will make jaws drop living room interior designs in Kochi has ideas for all. With the ever-changing and advancing technology, the world has forgotten the charm of reading. E-books have changed the world of reading and have stolen the essence of a hard-bound book. But old remains to be gold, cherishing the classics will never be a fading trend. Voracious readers will speak of the charm that you will experience in books. Create your personal space for a timeless age with your books in your living room.  

Interior decoration

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Reading creates an impact on the minds of the people watching. If you are a person who reads quite often you must be sure of the stigma associated with voracious reading. If you are a person who does not read that often then do not worry, your bookshelf will speak for itself. No matter what, one cannot completely rule out the existence of books from their lives. So, let’s look into some of the vitals of your bookshelf:

  • Color

Contrasting with the colors and textures of your wall, your bookshelf can be designed. Make sure your bookshelf is not too shiny to fade out your walls in the background. 

  • Space

When you decide to install a bookshelf in your home, look into all the spaces available to you. Make sure your bookshelf does not take up the maximum of your space in the room. It will leave no space for anything else.

  • Material 

The material of your bookshelf should be sturdy enough to even support the heavy books. Make sure you speak to your designer about the kinds of books you intend to keep. This will give him an idea of the appropriate material that has to be used.

  • Shelves

The number of shelves to organize your books accordingly should be mentioned to your designer. Make sure your shelf has enough room for all your books. It should be spacious enough to place more books that you intend to add to your library. Always keep room for more, because the bestsellers do not rest.

Bookshelves will be of help to make your living rooms more attractive. Look out for ideas of bookshelves attached to the walls or sofas. It saves up on all the space crisis in a small apartment. Let your designer do his job right. Tell him what you need and what you think s/he needs to know and be at peace. You will witness the awe of art being created exclusively for you. With ideas from living room, interior designs in Kochi pick out the decorations that appeal to you.

Bookshelf designs

With so many bookshelf ideas available, here are a few.

  1. Independent 

Designs also known as the floating shelves, suspended independently from the walls. These bookshelves are hinges on which you can rest your books. These bookshelves are chic and are for the people in want of space. Attached independently from the walls these do not disrupt the space crisis in the apartment too.

  1. It’s all messed up

These are the designs that appear just like the mess your mind creates. Designs of bookshelves in all haphazard manner, that occupy less space, are made to suit your style. They give you extra room for the books that are yet to join your library. These shelves look very trendy in your living room.

  1. The wall cabinet

With cabinets attached to the walls, these bookshelves look wonderfully beautiful. With multiple cabinets for your books and magazines, the wall cabinet has space for more. You can also decorate the cabinets with vases and frames to enhance the look of your living room.

  1. Read/unread

Designers these days have come up with innovations to help you separate your pile of read and unread books. With innovative for your bookshelf, your designer has a lot in store.

  1. Falling letters

The English alphabets so designed to give you room for your books in them. From the letters to the letters, the journey will be one of trend and fashion. Keeping in mind the space available, your designer is sure to give you a shelf worth your mood.

  1. The Chair story

Make room for your books in your favorite chair. Cabinets designed all-around these chairs keep you close to your books. And also allows you to remain in the comfort of your chair. These have been the most beloved innovations. This is because it is convenient to stay close to your chair and your books.

  1. Work corner

It is advisable for people who have to work and love to read. Make a corner as your work corner. You can combine space for your desktop with cabinets and racks for your books. It is also suggested for people who write. Let your source of inspiration be close to your becoming of it. 

  1. The staircase

You could modify your staircase into the beautiful land that leads you through books. The presence of books will make life such a wonderful experience.

  1. Spunk it up

Bored with the monotony? Get your bookshelf customized into something you enjoy. Theme up your bookshelf to make it special and unique of its own.

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