Excellent ideas for a modern office to boost productivity

Your office’s design reflects the values upheld by your company. A well-designed workspace creates a positive environment and helps to improve the morale of your employees and their overall productivity. However, it is important to ensure the right design elements are incorporated to achieve the desired results. Studies on workplace productivity show that the most critical element that contributes to enhancing the ability of an employee to focus on work is the environment. It should enable them to filter out distractions and focus on the work at hand. Having said that here are a few office design ideas that could positively contribute to enhancing productivity:

Create Multipurpose Workspaces

When it comes to designing offices, the trend that is fast catching up is the proper utilization of space for everything from making multimedia presentations to casual activity. Employers are striving hard to provide their employees with an office environment that not only more comfortable but also enjoyable so as to encourage collaboration.

Many offices are insisting on the creation of dedicated lounge areas. This is because employees look forward to having more interactions with their coworkers. Cubicles are giving way to “the bench.” Many organizations have also started having a non-assigned seating arrangement and oval-shaped office desks are being integrated into spaces so that 4 to 6 people can meet and discuss various aspects.

Develop Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomic workstations are extremely helpful in stimulating creativity, concentration, and thinking. That is why there is a great demand for ergonomic workstations in offices. Further, ergonomic chairs are being used to help employees mitigate the adverse effects of sitting and performing desk tasks for a longer period of time. These chairs are designed in such a way as to provide right lumbar support. That’s why these chairs feature arrangements for adjusting the height as well as armrest settings. Further, desks are also being designed in such a way that employees can adjust their height and alternate between sitting position and standing position when performing their tasks.

Employees that want to do exercise while doing their jobs are being provided with ball chairs by forward-thinking employers of today. It is a fact that exercise balls are not preferred by everyone working in an office, but ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks are well received by almost everyone in most workplaces.

Employ the Right Colour Philosophy

Offices are migrating towards providing collaborative and more open workspaces. Studies have revealed that there is a direct link between colours and the productivity of an employee. Colour has the potential to improve or impact productivity. This is one of the major reasons why there is a demanding for using the appropriate colours within office spaces.

Modern-day companies strive to create workplaces that are capable of reflecting not only their brand but also their values. In order to achieve this, it is not enough if logos placed here and there. More and more employers are taking into account the impact colour has in enhancing the workplace environment when setting up offices and are using colours that can create positive emotional responses from both customers and employees.

In this connection, it is worth noting that each person reacts differently to different colours. As such, it is always better to use shades and hues that are capable of promoting positive energy, creativity, happiness, and calmness. As several aspects have to be taken into consideration, employers often hire professionals that have experience in the office interior designing to decide the right workspace colours. The professionals appreciate the relationship between the different important elements such as furniture, lighting, colour, and texture, and choose colours that reflect the culture of the company.

Adding colours to your workplace is not limited to just painting the walls. Colour could be brought into your office space through art and graphics as well.

Connect Employees With Nature

Across the United States of America, a new trend that is taking shape fast in workplaces is reconnecting people and nature. This is because studies have shown that connecting employees with nature improves creativity, concentration, and performance. As such, many employers have started bringing in sunlight into workspaces by providing large glass windows, glass doors, glass walls, and even glass ceilings. It may not be common in small offices, but designing offices with fountains, mini waterfalls, and streams in common areas is increasingly becoming common in the case of bigger office buildings.

There is also a surge in the integration of plants into the work environment. This is mainly because plants help to remove toxic compounds from the work environment and absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. A study carried out in the UK shows that having plants in workplaces boosts employee productivity by about 15 percent.

Provide Glass Walls and Doors

Workplaces are being designed with glass walls and doors to allow natural light to enter the workspaces. They are also being used to promote transparency in workplaces. They reduce the feeling of feeling isolated. Glass doors and walls allow employees to see what their coworkers are doing. This, in turn, encourages teamwork. It has also been observed that the use of glass in office spaces tends to promote integrity and honesty to a great extent. Apart from all of these benefits, glass walls/doors are not only cheaper but also easier to install when compared with regular walls.

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In conclusion, companies can improve the productivity of the employees and their satisfaction and engagement levels by designing better workspaces. Employee productivity can be increased by up to 20 percent, according to experts.