Cool Balcony Decoration Ideas For Your Home

If you are living in an apartment, the balcony is the only slice of outdoor space that you enjoy. Normally, the balcony is the most overlooked space in an apartment and you tend to use this area to store knickknacks, broken chairs, and a couple of stools. 

Even if your balcony just measures a few square feet, with some smart ideas you can spruce it up the way you want. You need lots of creativity to turn this neglected space into an oasis of greens. We managed to glean a few cool balcony decoration ideas that can turn your balcony into the heaven of sorts that you can escape to whenever you want.

A centrepiece is attractive

Ensure that you have a rather large centrepiece like a wooden bench where you can relax and say read. Making it eco-friendly by keeping many pots of tiny indoor plants makes it look cluttered. You can accessorize with a hanging lantern and some scattered fairy lights to enhance the effect of the centrepiece.

Select the right plants

A few pots of large plants should be the focus of decorating limited space on the balcony. This helps to create a structure for the balcony and lends some boldness of character. A couple of bamboo trees or some larger shrubs give the desired aesthetic. The other advantages of using these plants mean less maintenance because they are hardy and less water requirement.

Faux nature to make your garden real

If it is difficult to source and maintain real plants settle for the faux nature of imitation plants. Most balconies have cement flooring and a railing of iron. You can secure a faux lawn to the floor and an artificial ivy wall that gives a feeling of being close to nature. You can also add as many faux flowering vines of your choice to make a lush ‘faux’ garden. 

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What plants can be kept on the balcony

Keeping in mind the need to conserve water, it is a wise idea to keep plants that require very little water. Also, make it a point to use only recycled greywater for the plants. 

Some plants such as the following require water only when the soil becomes dry. They also require part-shade or the full sun for their growth and the balcony is an ideal spot to keep these plants in. 

To transform your balcony into an eco-friendly haven it is important to select those plants that bring the right amount of drama into your balcony space.

Balcony plants that require the full sun or part shade

Plants such as begonias, geranium, coleus, morning glory, hydrangea, and fuchsias are all easy to grow in the balconies. These plants require part shade or full sun and require light intermittent watering only after the soil runs dry.

Shade Plants that can be kept on the balcony

Plants that can be kept in balconies that have more shade are herbs such as mint, parsley, dill, sorrel, etc. lavender, Artemisia, etc., with silver foliage are also good to be grown in the shade because they reflect sunlight. Japanese Maple is yet another good choice. However, the plants that you choose depends a lot on the personality that you want to lend to the balcony.

Drought-resistant flowers

Many plants become diseased when they receive excess water. The aloe is one such plant. This is perfectly suited when you want to conserve water. The different types of aloes that you can plant in balcony gardens are Mountain aloe, Krantz aloe, and Bitter aloe.

Recycled and Grey Water

It is of utmost importance to save water whenever possible. All the greywater can be used for watering plants instead of swishing it down the drain. You can collect water from shower heads, used water from kitchen appliances, such as sinks and washing machines, and put it to better use like watering balcony plants. 

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Other Decoration Ideas

Use display foliage. You can place potted plants with large leaves on a recessed ledge. This will also prevent clutter on the floor. You can choose to create a vibrant display with this type of arrangement.

Use earthy tones and materials. Becoming eco-friendly means using materials that are nature-friendly on the balcony: from terracotta pots, stone décor, wooden flooring, and rough woven furnishings to align better with nature.

Use a potting station if you want your balcony to look tidy. You can hide the tools and plant feed in a cupboard. The shelves can display prized plants. The whole balcony, in this case, looks well-kept and organized.

For plants that require more sunlight, rack them up on parts of the walls where they will be exposed to the maximum amount of sunlight.

If floor space is limited, the best idea is to bring in the greenery on a vertical wall. You can fit a small frame or trellis and allow a creeping vine to decorate it. Honeysuckle and wisteria are good plants for this. You can even use this idea to cover up unsightly walls. In addition, their fragrance is also a good addition to space.

With all of these ideas in place, your balcony will turn into the calming haven that you want it to be. The furniture, plants, and décor will sit side by side to make the perfect combination to turn your outdoor space into the nature-friendly outdoors in the midst of the metro jungle. 

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