Unique Pooja Room Design Ideas For Indian Homes

Pooja room (alternatively, Puja room) is an inevitable part of every Indian home.  It is the space where family members gather to thank the almighty for all the blessings and pray for the well-being of the family. The pooja room must be designed in such a way as to spread positivity, as well as, console the burning mind. You can easily design a perfect living room along with a beautiful pooja room.

From the onset of traditional Kerala style interior design, the pooja room plays an integral part. We are discussing some of the pooja room design ideas that you can consider for your home. Choose the one that complements the appearance of your home.  The pooja room design must blend well with the overall shading and interior design of the home. The top 10 pooja room design ideas could be considered whilst you design your home or share the concept with professional interior designers, who will suggest you the best one out of the ten that suits your home. 

Learn about 10 pooja room design ideas you can create in your home

1. Marble Textured Pooja Room

Use white marbles that will give the feel of sanctity and sacredness. The idols placed with the marble background will provide you with a serene heart. Pooja in the room with this simplistic, yet elegant, element will be soothing for your heart.

2. Traditionally Styled Pooja Room

Make the pooja room a separate space. Use a wooden carved door for the room. Thus, it will be as if you are entering another world, inside your home, when you enter the pooja room. The carving could be traditional to augment the appearance optimally.

3. Wall-attached Space

No need to worry even if you lack a separate room or wide space for the pooja room. Our professional interior designers can create a pooja room section with a wooden carved wall-mounted cabinet. The carvings and details on the wood will amplify the elegance of the space.

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4. Glass-door Pooja Room

What about installing a glass door to your pooja room? It will not only add to the beauty but also will give the sight of the idols even when you are outside. The devotional appeal to the home will increase with such a door. Our Kochi interior designers team can help you with choosing the right glass door pooja room design.

5. Pooja Room with Backlit Panels

The backlit panels will add to the aura of the idols, exalting the whole appearance. You can use panels with optimal backlighting, to avoid it appearing extravagant.  

6. Modern Type Pooja Space with Shelves

Using specially designed shelves for keeping the idols and pooja materials has been one of the latest entrants. It not only gives a modern touch to the pooja room but also amplifies the aesthetic appeal. The shelves could be carved in wood, concrete, or other material depending on your budget and choice. The design also could be stylized according to your views.

7. Separate Pooja Unit in Marble

You can buy artistically designed marble units off the shelf or manufacture one based on your imagination. The experienced interior designers at our agency can simply design one to suit your perception and place it at the home. It has an attraction of its own.

8. Pooja Room Cabinet

The pooja room cabinet could be based on space availability in your home. This type of pooja room is advisable for homes with less free space available.

9. Pooja Room with Bells

Bells are an integral part of pooja. Installing exclusively chosen bells in the pooja room can be both elegant and appealing. Choose the type, size, and the number of bells you want. Place it at the spots that are suitable.

10. Pooja Room with Styled Doors

Use heritage-based art and carving to stylize the pooja room door. It will endorse a devotional feel, as well as, add to the aesthetic of the room. Check out the wide possibilities that can be explored to design the pooja room doors.

In a Nutshell

Each room at your home has its significance. Utmost dedication is vital to implement outstanding interior design features that will elevate the look and feel of the room. We have been one of the leading interior designers in Kochi and have been a part of several prestigious projects. We will design your pooja room in the most aesthetical and devotional manner to fill your heart with tranquillity.