Modern Bedroom Designs Ideas You Must Know in 2021

The bedroom is the most important space in a home. It must be designed in such a way that the whole day’s stress, tension, and tiredness evaporate in seconds. Therefore, home interior design has an important role to play while decorating and arranging bedrooms. Modern interior design ideas incorporate some soothing elements to the bedroom, to offer optimal comfort to the inmates.

Earlier it was not the case, at least in Kerala. The bedroom was also considered as any other room and applied shades, put up designs and placed artifacts without much thought. Of late, Kerala bedroom designs have changed phenomenally. Now you will find mesmerizing bedroom designs in Kerala homes, designed and developed by professional interior designers.

Space Matters

Before we move on to different modern bedroom interior design ideas, you must check the space available. Too many interior designs in an undersized bedroom will make it congested. It will be advisable to opt for simple designs in that case. Otherwise, the room can cause you more stress.

Architecture as Interior Decoration

Rather than placing so many items around and reducing usable space, you can consider architectural elements to elevate the appeal of the bedroom. Allow as much natural light as possible. Let the room appear brighter without artificial lighting. It helps elevate the mood and make you optimistic. 

Shades of the Bedroom

The earlier concepts concerning the shades in the bedroom have changed remarkably. Studies indicate the usage of advanced colors and shades to boost one’s moods. Consider one of the following shades for your modern bedroom in 2021.

  • Green – Serenity is the identity of green. It will help you maintain calm even in tense situations.
  • Blue – Blue calms the eyes and soothes the soul. A perfect choice for the bedroom
  • Lavender – The colour is observed to aid the mind to relax faster than other shades.
  • Neutral Shades – Removes tiredness and dullness from your psyche. Use it thoughtfully with some dark shades to make the bedroom elegant.

Talk to us if you want to have expert guidance on choosing the colour scheme for your bedroom. We have been providing unique Kerala bedroom designs for our esteemed clients. 

Lighting and Mirrors to Make the Room Appear Spacious and Brighter

Recessed lighting or the lighting between ceiling joints, installed using fixtures has been trending for some time. One of the prominent aspects of the same is that it makes the room appear spacious and brighter. Use mirrors to augment the feel. So that you will not have a cramped feeling while entering the bedroom. Recessed lighting has turned into an important part of bedroom design in Kerala.

Using Curtains to Enhance the Appeal

Curtains can make or break the look and feel of the bedroom. A heavy curtain in dark shades can create a stuffy feeling. Choose curtains wisely. It would be better if you select the shade that comprehends the bedroom walls. Thick curtains may be necessary if you want to block lights or prevent the view from outside. A double-layered curtain is an alternative if you don’t want to use a thick curtain all the time. The professionals will be able to provide you with interior design ideas depending on the style and design pattern of your home.

Exclusive Design Perspectives 

Interior design experts will be able to offer you exclusive, custom-tailored, concepts depending on your perspectives. The customized bedroom designs with add-ons have become a popular interior design idea in Kerala. The designer will discuss and identify the client’s needs and incorporate the concepts in the bedroom. The peculiar add-ons will provide a distinctive appeal to the room. 

Bedroom Floor

People have started opting for wooden flooring for bedrooms. This has been trending for a while. Wooden flooring is a major attraction of modern bedroom design ideas of 2021. Started in cold countries, to reduce the effect of extreme winter, wooden flooring is a part of bedroom design in Kerala as well. 

The Conclusion

Modern bedroom design ideas are a perfect blend of practicality and beauty. Hiring a professional interior designer will help you in understanding the novel concepts and integrating them into your home. You can discuss your expectations, perceptions and budget with our professionals, to have your bedroom and the whole home designed as per your choice.