Make Your Bedroom More Attractive With Latest Colour Combinations

The colours you use to paint your bedroom speak a great deal about not only your personality but also your disposition. Typically, most people do not give much thought as to what colour combination they should use for painting the walls of their bedrooms rooms. If you are somebody different and wondering as to what colour combination would suit your bedroom the best, you can consult with some of the best home interior designers in Kochi to get a clearer picture. This is because colours have the power to influence our moods and thoughts. Having said that here are five latest colour combinations that can make your bedroom more attractive:

1. Blue and Red

Red is thought of as an aggressive colour and helps to raise energy levels. You may think that it is too intense a colour to be used for painting a bedroom, but it does help to ramp up your excitement. Moreover, red is known to not only draw people together but also stimulate quality conversation. Actually, a blend of blue and red works better. This is because blue reflects coolness and pleasantness. It helps to mellow down the red’s aggressive undertone.

2. Grey and Yellow

The yellow colour helps to capture the joy that bright sunshine provides. It is believed that yellow radiates happiness. It is also considered to provide a welcoming, uplifting, and rejuvenating effect. It is, therefore, an excellent choice for painting the interior of your house. However, some people tend to think that yellow is too cheery and hence doesn’t go very well with many other colour schemes. Studies also indicate that in a fully yellow interior people lose their temper rather easily. As such, top interior decorators recommend that neutral colours such as grey should be used along with yellow in order to create a subtle and cheerful feeling in the bedroom.

3. Orange and Blue

There is no doubt that blue is a soothing and pleasant colour and it can be very well used in a bedroom. Studies indicate that it is helpful not only in lowering blood pressure but also in slowing down your heart rate. Therefore, most interior designers in Kochi recommend the use of this colour on the walls of the bedroom so that you feel calm and serene when you are in the room. Moreover, the pastel blue goes well with warm shades such as orange. You can use fabrics and furnishings in your bedroom that have orange hues in them, especially if natural light is available in plenty. Orange colour also goes well with warmer blue shags such as periwinkle, turquoise, and cerulean.

4. Green and Turquoise

Among all the colours in light’s visible spectrum, green is considered as the most pleasing shades for the eyes. Further, green in combination with other refreshing blue shades (especially turquoise) provides an overall impact to your bedroom. It makes your bedroom feel more comfortable, thus enabling you to unwind at the end of the day. While green provides a calming effect, including turquoise in the colour scheme through furniture, fabrics, and cushions help to enhance the calming effect.

5. Blue and Other Neutral Colours

Colours such as black, grey, white, and brown are considered as neutral colours. They are the basic colours in the palette of the best flat interior designers in Cochin. Neutral schemes keep coming in and going out of fashion, they offer a great deal of flexibility and can be used in combination with the primary colours. They help to brighten up the bedroom and also help to tone down bold colours that are made use of.

In conclusion, reputable interior designers in Kochi use colours in combination to provide the effect that you desire. Often, they use neutral colours as accents and they help to impart depth to the bedroom’s overall decor.

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