Common Design Mistakes Interior Decorators Must Avoid

Interior Designing is not as simple as people think. It entails amazing professional skills and absolute knowledge about the design, and a good perception to create a well-balanced interior. Drawing improper calculations can end up in nasty interior decoration mistakes. Just because you like a decor piece when shopping doesn’t mean that it will look good when placed in the room. Buying any piece of the home decor must be done after careful consideration with respect to the purpose and layout of the room.

One must have a clear idea of the decor items needed for the home so that you don’t regret buying a piece or end up with unnecessary furniture or accessories. Many people make the mistake of placing every decor item they like in the rooms, which only leads to the cluttering of the space.

Let us explore some design mistakes decorators should avoid during Interior decoration so that you can avoid them in the future.

Not considering the scale of the room

A perfectly designed room will feature elements of different heights, shapes, and sizes. Never put items of the same level and size in the room. Incorporate different heights or sizes in the room to achieve a balanced look. Scaling is important in interior decoration because proper scaling makes all the difference. Having too many small items in a room will make it look cluttered and having big or bulky items will make it look stuffed and less spacious. Always make sure to mix different shapes, heights, and sizes to achieve the correct proportion and scale. In fact, the size of the room is not a matter, we can design small rooms beautifully through many mantras of interior designing.

Lack of proper budgeting

Before getting started with your interior decoration process, sit down, and calculate your budget. You need to have a clear idea of how much everything will cost and how much you can actually spend. Designing a beautiful interior does not mean that you have to buy expensive items. Only buy what is required and affordable for you. When shopping for interior decorating items, you may have the impulse to buy everything you like, but always try to stick to the budget so that you don’t end up spending a fortune on things that don’t fit in your room.

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Choosing the wrong paint colour

Selecting the paint colour should be done after careful thinking. The wrong choice of paint colour can make the whole interior look disastrous. When it comes to choosing the paint colour do not rush into making a decision. Think about the furniture, accessories that will be placed in the room as well as the living room lighting ideas also play an imperative role. Then choose the right paint colour that perfectly ties everything together. Choosing a paint colour can be a difficult task as there are a lot of shades available in the market. The colour shown on the paint tin may be slightly different than the real colour.

Placement of artworks

The majority of people like to hang artwork in their homes to improve the aesthetics. If you are an art lover having a personal art gallery in your home is something to flaunt. When placing artworks in your home it must be done artistically. Before putting nails into the wall, have a clear idea of the placement of art. You should decide beforehand on what goes where otherwise you will end up with a bunch of nail holes to fill in later. The best way to avoid this is to have a paper cut out of the exact size of the artwork and tape them onto the walls to decide on the placement and pattern if any. This way you can achieve the desired results without making any common mistakes.

Accessorizing too much

Do not make the mistake of putting too many elements in a room. This will only make the room look congested. Do not go overboard by adding all your favourite items in a room. A room should not be decorated with more than what it requires. Free space is an important aspect of interior design. It provides a peaceful look and makes the room seem less cluttered. Leave enough space while designing so that you can move freely within the room. Plan your interiors in such a way that all the accessories are well-balanced and there is enough free space.

These are some important mistakes interior decorators must avoid during Interior design. If you are worried about interior design or need professional help, feel free to contact Greentech Interiors. We can offer our expert advice and assistance to make sure that your interiors are flawless and picture-perfect.